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Pain and tenderness over ribs on right side. Anyone else experienced this?

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I am on warfarin (since stroke in 2008) and plaquenil (for about 6mths). Over the last couple of days I have had pain and tenderness over my ribs on the right side. I do not feel great but do not know if that is just because I am tired and in pain. Anyone else experienced this? I do not know if it is coincidental or yet another aspect of Hughes Syndrome.

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Hi Yodel

I have certainly had pain tucked in under my right ribs and I had two bouts of heptitis in the 1990s, before I knew about APS, for which no cause could be found; Prof Hughes told me that it would have been ischemia affecting the liver. Pain in that area can also be gallstones and ischemia of the duodenum; does it come on shortly after eating>

You should certainly get it checked out: liver functions checked; ultrasound of the liver & gall bladder.

Best wishes


Hi Dave. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. The pain is constant and only gets worse with movement and deep breathing. The external area is very tender to touch. I think I agree with you-yet another trip to the doc!

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Hi Yodel, I have been suffering with pain in this area for the last 6 months have undergone number of tests, ultra sound to check for gallstones (none) blood tests for bacteria/stomach problems and recently had camera down to stomach all these have come back clear. The area is very tender and any movement eg walking, washing dishes, washing hair causes the pain to intensify. Going back doctors next week as I cannot put up with it much longer. Do you have any pain in your back?

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Hi there, I think I would get that checked, it might just turn out to be a pulled muscle or something, but with our various conditions on here, always a good idea to check. Mary F x

I get sharp stabbing pain in my right ribs but also occasionally on the left.

Prof. Khamashta examined me recently and said it was being caused by fibromyalgia. It can also be cause by pleuracy.

Best get checked out though. x

Definitely get this checked out further as there can be so many causes. Sharp pain on breathing could be down to pleuritis or pleurisy where the pleural sac has become inflamed (common in autoimmune conditions) or it could be an inflammation of the muscles between the ribs - costochondritis. It could be liver or gallbladder issues too as has already been mentioned (although how you get the doctor to take you seriously to get this checked out is beyond me!!!).

I've had pain over the ribcage and under the arm which extended into the shoulder area since the beginning of the year now. I had a few x-rays (shoulder, neck and chest) and a blood test and was told to see an osteopath (which I did but which didn't do anything for the pain). The GP finally decided to treat it as a myalgia and I'm now on amitryptyline and naproxen which seems to be gradually helping as it's subsided now to a dull ache just over the ribs on the side. There doesn't seem to be anything more I can do but I will mention it to the rheumy when I next see her (at my 6 month visit which will actually be after 9 months . . .)

If you have sharp pain and any issues with breathing you should see someone sooner rather than later - hope you manage to get it sorted out!

Thanks to everyone for responding. Our GP surgery is closed today but will try and get an appointment tomorrow. This is the first time I have registered and posted a question. Your replies are thorough without being scary. Also you communicate as if it is normal to experience all these odd symptoms which is quite reassuring. I think we all know when we need to see a doctor but sometimes need to be reminded-I avoid going as I always feel apologetic for turning up with yet another symptom. Anyway, thanks again!

I have been experiencing a rubbing sensation in my right side for years and the only relief has been blood thinners. As soon as my INR drops it returns. I have had a PE but recent X-ray shows negative. I'm wondering if HVT- blood clot in the liver could be the cause? Because I also experience bloating, constipation, excessive gas and belching. When I belch or breath deep I experience pain and discomfort. I also have sporadic shortness of breath I was just recently dx with APS and I'm wondering if it ties in with the undiagnosed symptoms? I am tired of skeptical looks and losing my money to doctors who have no answers.

i get that but on the left side. my dr said its costochondritis. whatever it is it hurts

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