Gluten free progress

Gluten free progress

Hi I thought I would report back on my experience of going gluten free. Thank you to all who encouraged me. It has definitely made a big difference. I have lost a stone easily having been pretty stuck as regards weight management for a long time. I have twice slipped up and paid a price with a return of severe symptoms. I felt so great I made my usual mistake of overdoing it but I do seem to get over these setbacks much quicker now.

Eating out is the biggest problem but not insurmountable. My husband is so impressed with the improvement he has joined me, though he is less strict. He has much better energy levels. I notice that I feel much more satisfied after eating quite often feeling surprisingly full. I feel much more confident about losing weight and becoming more active in the longer term though pacing is still important. I am also getting more done and I think that is not just about energy but about focus and clarity. So a big thank you! Ann

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  • Good for you, I am less hungry off it.. I slipped the other night, and got glutened at a so called gluten free pizza section of restaurant.. however they had prepared it on the same floury surface - branch being retrained this week.. I was so cross. I realized almost instantly and went into Ms Marple mode to find out if I had been. I feel ditching gluten it has taken a layer of irritation off my body, and my upset stomach is a thing of the past as is endless sneezing. I have really got the hang of it now and find it very easy to find alternatives.. good for you. Mary F x

  • I love your picture Ann, nice to see you, if not in the flesh so to speak.

    I am giving .serious attention to the gluten free debate as when I cut it out I definitely feel better and like you find it much easier to lose weight.

    Did MK suggest you tried it or did you decide yourself?

    Well done losing a stone keep up the good work.

    Best wishes Sue

  • Well done Ann and it is nice to see your picture.

    Best wishes.

    Dave xx

  • Really pleased you have had a good result. Can be a pain on times when eating out but I have found it well worth the effort. Agree with Mary F on the sneezing too.

  • Thanks for the update Ann - very interesting for anyone with APS as cealiac antibodies have recently been shown to be associated with APS and other autoimmune conditions. This is a good route for anyone to try who is having the same 'IBS' problems, and I'm glad it's working for you :)

  • The history of the evolution of gluten is interesting. I also am intrigued by the supposition ( more like anthropology gossip. ) that gluten killed Neanderthal. Neanderthal died out during the same era that Cro Magnon began to raise wheat. And, Those populations that are more likely to have Celiac, ( northern Europe, Alpine region of Italy,) are those areas where Neanderthal and Cro Magnon coexisted for hundreds of thousands of years. The resulting gossipy theory? That Neanderthals were spectacularly gluten intolerant and all their children died in childhood. Those children who have Neanderthal genes inherit a watered down version Celiac. No evidence. Just speculation. But I think the idea is neat.

  • This sounds intriguing . I wonder if it corresponds with the blood type diet. The oldest blood type is O and grains are discouraged . Maybe the Os are descended from Neanderthalls

  • Hi Annslack,

    Nice to see you! I am going to try what you are talking about. Not in a big scale but a little to begin with. I will read about it in a Swedish book.

    Interesting speculation from Gina.

    Keep going what you two have started together. It must be easier when you are two.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Hi I try to be gluten free as much as possible it has made a difference to my life as I suffer with so many stomach pains. I try to keep my diet as FODMAP free as I can this has made a difference too (google FODMAP diet)

  • Yes, I'm hearing from a few people with chronic IBS who are adhering to the FODMAP diet and all having good results :)

  • Yes it's surprising what a difference it has made and it's crazy as foods I thought were doing me good were causing debilitating pain, for example apples are a danger food on the FODMAP diet as soon as I cut them out I eliminated my lunch time stomach pain as I had a apple every day for lunch. Foods that are high in FODMAP are harder to digest and as I've had lack of blood to my bowel foods are hard for me to digest. It's hard to get it completely right and I still have stomach pains but I'm more aware and it's more controlled. FODMAP is hard to follow but so worth a try so that an individual can pinpoint some triggers.

  • Sounds interesting but much harder than gluten free. I ate some windfall apples stewed the other day and had terrible pain and bloating afterwards. I may have to look into Fodmap too . The Fodmap diet was featured in the food hospital programme .

  • Thanks for all the encouragement everyone .

  • Can someone tell me how to find the FODMAP diet?

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