I will be on this forum slightly less for one week

Hello, I will still be coming on here, to help, but am away on a retro busking tour in Adalucia in Spain, so will be relying on a very remote cafe in the mountains which is the only source of internet near to where I am staying. So if I am slower to answer you know why. I have left my house full of people to looking after my poorly cat who is now on the mend, she is now gluten free, with B12 injections and yes.... probiotics, and doing well.


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  • Hi Mary,

    A "retro busking tour" ..... sounds good to me! Have a nice time and try to get time to rest. It must be almost summer in Andalucia.

    A big Hug from Kerstin

  • Have a great time x

  • It is absolutely great to be in the mountains of Spain again. MaryF

  • Im so jealous!! Have a wonderful time x

  • Be healthy young lady!

  • Endless Tapas and some decent red wine MaryF

  • Wow lucky you.You have fun x

  • Thank you for all your help on here, you deserve a break, have a lovely time

  • Thank you. MaryF

  • Have a great road trip. x

  • Thank you. MaryF

  • Sounds wonderful and best wishes to your poorly cat 🐾🐾.


  • Thank you, Cat on the mend with endless visitors and tlc MaryF

  • Hello Mary,

    Where abouts in Andalucia arer you coming to

    We live in the Mountains in a village above Mijas called Alhaurin El Grande.

    The weather here is beautiful , in the upper 80's.

    Hope you enjoy yourself, the sun will do you a power of good.


  • Hi there, I am in the village of Polopos, South of Granada, been here frequently before. 10 K north of Motril. MaryF

  • Ok, am I the only one on this site that doesn't know what a retro busking tour is?

  • I have been in various bands with my ancient violin for years, 25 years ago, I used to play for my dinner and accommodation on a daily basis, so I could rub two or three pennies, or rather in those days pesetas! MaryF

  • Sounds like fun Mary, have a great time.

  • Have a good time. Mountain air -- very good. Retro Busking??????? wot is that?

  • Back now, and exhausted, basically I returned to the area and village of previous busking tours with my violin, and my husband on accordian, complete with our old banjo player from a previous band there. The village welcomed us back to perform as if we had never left! I first did this 25 years ago, and the last one around 23 years back or so. MaryF

  • Wow!

    What sort of music do you usually play?

    I can imagine it must have been fantastic to return and do it again after such a long time.


  • World music, we did quite a lot of Eastern European stuff, also Irish, and general popular stuff, and then we teamed up with a classical flamenco guitar player - so loads of fun. MaryF

  • Rest up, glad you had fun😉

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