Gastroscopy and Warfarin

I am getting a Gastroscopy done on 5 September to check for Coeliac Disease. I am taking Warfarin and Aspirin daily. I self test and dose with good control, my INR range is 3.5 - 4.5. My APS consultant suggested I come off Warfarin about 5 days before procedure and bridge with Fragmin. The advice given by Gastro Consultant is to keep on taking Warfarin and stay within normal range. I'm concerned about staying on Warfarin in case of bleeding when they take a biopsy. Has anyone else had this done?

I cut down on eating gluten for two and a half years and have started again. It will just be under 8 weeks of eating gluten when I get biopsy done. Is this long enough to show anything?

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  • Best of luck with all this, please be aware it is possible to have gluten intolerance without having fully blown Coeliac Disease and some people who are also on thyroid meds are unaware that gluten is one of the fillers!! MaryF

  • Thanks Mary, I have an under active thyroid and Sjögren's syndrome so I guess gluten intolerance/Coeliac could be added to my list : )


  • Hi

    I've had several gastroscopies, at least one on Warfarin and others on Fragmin, which I am now on instead of Warfarin.


  • Hi Dave, did you stop warfarin before the procedure? Did you have a biopsy taken?


  • Hi Avril

    No, I didn't stop Warfarin and I did have a biopsy taken.


  • Thanks Dave : )

  • I had one same as Dave I never stop my warfin and they took a biopsy x

  • That' reassuring to know Lesley61 : )

  • It's always difficult when you have Two consultants who have different opinions on how to do things. My instinct tells me the Gastro is coming from the point of view that he advises people who are in the majority on warfarin for conditions like AF. On the other hand your APS specialist is giving you first hand advice based on how to bridge onto heparin specifically for your condition. I know which one I would be tempted to go with but you must have agreement before you do anything. If I were me I would contact your Gastro via secretary or whatever means and say that your APS specialist recommends bridging and see what he says, then you will know for sure. I recently had both colonoscopy and gastroscopy and I my Gadtro asked Prof Hughes for advice. He was told stop heparin the night before procedure, (as I inject at night) and start again the morning of the day after.

    Always best to talk to your Docters to get clarity. Good Luck.

  • Hi ApsnotFab, I emailed my Gastro consultant and he advises that I stay on warfarin. I have spoken to my APS consultants secretary as he's on holiday so hopefully he'll get back to me soon. At my appointment with him and in his letter to my GP he suggests stopping warfarin and bridging with Fragmin. I would prefer this since they will be taking a biopsy. I think it's odd that the Gastro leaflet advises people to carry on with warfarin and to stay in their normal range.

    Do you inject once or twice a day and how much do you take?


  • Hi Avril - I inject once a day 10,000iu of fragmin. I would wait for your APS specialist to get back and ask him to contact your Gastro with instructions about bridging as clearly he does not understand the condition. I don't think you sending the letter to your Gastro will carry any weight it needs to come from your specialist which hopefully he will then accept.

  • Yes, I think that's the best plan. I would feel safer coming off warfarin. Just hope I'm brave enough to go for the throat spray and avoid sedation! : )

    My daughter had this done 2 weeks ago so we're waiting on her results. She has Type 1 Diabetes but thankfully showing no signs of APS.

  • You would be braver than me then! I had full sedation and it was great!

  • Hahaha! Maybe I'll go for sedation then! : )

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