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Help with a petition for those of us with Thyroid problems, alongside our Hughes Syndrome/APS


I know from my own experience with drug allergy, serious at times, that one size does not fit all. For those of us with terrible allergy problems to have a choice of treatments is a good thing.

This petition put forward as a call to action from Louise/TUK is valid, in order for patients to have choice, the option currently of a very narrow choice of testing and medication is not suiting everybody so.....

via Louise/TUK

Hi All

Following on from a recent thread about petitions, I looked into the possibility of re-submitting our petition which ran in 2011/2012 and ended at just over 5,000 signatures.

I have now submitted the petition and it has been accepted......!!!

SO - this is a call to action! :)

Sign it, share it, Tweet it, FB it, add it to your email signature.......! If we can get 10,000 signatures, we can expect a response. If we can get 100,000 it may be debated in the House of Commons.


Fund research into T3 and/or natural desiccated thyroid treatment for hypothyroidism

Responsible department: Department of Health

Many patients with hypothyroidism continue to have symptoms on levothyroxine (T4) but find that their symptoms are often greatly reduced when they take liothyronine (T3) or natural desiccated thyroid.

Natural desiccated thyroid is only manufactured in the US and Canada but can be prescribed in the UK on a “named patient” basis. Many doctors will not prescribe it because there are no randomised controlled trials as it was manufactured before licensing of medicines came into being.

Research has shown that some patients have benefited from natural desiccated thyroid but there needs to be more research done to investigate whether this would be a better treatment for patients.

More research also needs to be done on the addition of T3 to T4 because previous research has been inconclusive.

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Done! :)

MaryFAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Thank you, lots of people are signing and sharing now! 754 signatures in less than 24 hours so a good start. MaryF

Signed! Last year I started taking T3 and T4. I was lucky to find a Consultant that listened!

MaryFAdministrator in reply to AvsG

Great news, really pleased for you. Please share it about the place if you can! MaryF

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