e-petition to get recognition for Hughes Syndrome

Please take a moment to sign this e petition, lets make some big changes to the way Hughes is look at in the benefts system, which would lead to other systems such as education and employment. I'm sure many of us have been through the trials and frustrations of going for ATOS medicals or spending hours filling in DLA forms just to be refused and have to go through the stressful appeals process. Its an unfair system and needs reforming.


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  • Good on you! Mary F x

  • thank you, please circulate as much as poss, we have a year to get 100,000 people to sign and get it into Parliament x

  • Hi

    Just sighned it ok I will get other friends and family to do the same well done to you x

  • Thanks G! I've sent it round mum, dad and hubbys work and hubbys online radio station. Its on the APS pages on Facebook and on my Twitter so people should be able to find it easily. Just sending round the university I go to and local NAS too. We'll win this fight together, we just need to be persistant x

  • Signed hon and will pass it round.

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • I have been informed that the link doesn't always work. If this happens, just put Hughes into the search bar at the top, its the only petition on the subject

  • Well done, Leanne. I've signed and am about to forward it to all my friends and relatives. Fingers crossed, everyone! Larraine x

  • Thanks a lot, please keep it going. 100,000 signatures in a year requires over 275 signatures a day and that is going to be a hard target that can only be attained by people forwarding to friends and family or putting on their facebook, twitter, other social networks or forums for lupus/hughes/etc xx

  • Fantastic, Leanne, unfortunately it only allows UK residents. I tried. :(

  • No it does not, sorry, but I am in France and it let me!!!!

  • Really? Thats great, maybe it extends to EU x

  • Signed it hun, hope this helps, I shall put it forward for friends & family too, it is very important to us all for it to be recognised as a disability, well done :) xx

  • signed,,,,, its about time someone sits up and takes notice of us,,,, when i tell people i have Hughes syndrome they just look at me confused,,, goodluck xx

  • Exactly! We're on 117 so slowly getting momentum xx

  • Well now on 167 xx

  • The petition was retweeted by Dr. Khailash Chand OBE, Frankie Boyle, Victoria Lambert (a journalist who has APS) and a few other groups. Very grateful to them for taking the time to support

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