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I was diagnosed almost 20 years ago very easily by the stories on here. I had had 5 miscarriages and the doctor who attended no 5 had just read a paper on APL I know i was very lucky. I was put on aspirin for 6 months and subsequently had a succsessful pregnancy (my third) Anyway after my childbearing days were over due to a hysterectomy 16 years ago i had no problems with APL until 3 years ago when i had a spontaneous clot. when i look back on it i was feeling really tired and brain fogged for some little while previous to this. I have since had 4 more PEs 3 whilst on warfrin 1 whilst on a low dose of clexane. I am now on 80mg clexane twice a day. What i want to ask is I have noticed a lot of people saying their symptoms improve when on anti-coagulation but mine dont seemed to have improved in the slightest since the first pe is this unusual. Thanks

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  • Have you tried plaquenil? It has been a godsend for me. Not near as tired.

  • No i havent but i see my rheumy next week and am gpi

  • Sorry having probs what i e

  • Sorry about that im having problems with my mobile so im on the lap top so what i was trying to say was i see my rheumy next week and am going to ask him about it. I have heard that it takes a while to work is that right

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