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warfrin of clexane?

Hi everybody just out of hospital again with a suspected clot on my kidney, the ct wasnt too clear. I have never had a stable INR since the first clot in my lung I had last march and after clot after clot ssince then my inr has been never been stable so ive been on warfrin with higher and higher doses and my latest inr was still only 1.2 and clexane for when my inr dropped below 2.5 (which was most of the time) so it has been decided that i should stop the warfrin and have life long clexane instead. It would free me from the worry of my INR level and i dont mind doing the jabs. I know there is a risk of osteoperosis but at the moment that is secondondary to have in another possible fatal of disabling clot. What i want to ask is has any one else been put on clexane only treatment plan and if so how has it worked out. the only thing that is cconcerning me at the moment is I feel kind of 'naked' without the Warfrin as it has been my 1st line of treatment i know this feeling will pass but i would be interested in all your thoughts. Thanks

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Hello, hope you will be feeling much better soon. I am on Warfarin and like you my INRs up and down and so have been giving myself Clex when my INR falls below 3, its up this week, but wonder what it will be like next week when I go for test. It gets so confusing!!

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hi there i am on life long clexane i had a terrible time on warfarin, fatigue, headaches, bones aching etc hope this helps x


Kaysie I am surprised by the effects that warfarin has had on you because for me it is the absolute opposite. I no longer have migraines or headaches and even my neck which was very painful from arthritis is painless now. It seems that that everyone has different results from it.


Thanks very much for your answeres. Have your symptons been releived by stopping warfrin


I have found warfarin to be really helpful inr normalised and neck head and back pains completely gone. I must jus be very lucky.


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