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My 16 year old was just diagnosed with this condition in his left kidney last night in the ER and they sent him home on Percocet and antibiotics until he can see a urologist. They said its congenital and he has had it since birth they also said he has a 2.6 cm obstruction that is indefinable (non-identifiable) so it could be many things, and something about a stent and surgery..

Could you help me? I don't ask questions much because I usually have a pretty clear idea of whats going on but they are saying it can be a stricture or stone ect,... and it is completely blocking off his kidney function to his bladder,..

Should I be concerned, seriously concerned? I feel like I should tell them this is urgent and to fix it immediately and they wont because it is a Saturday

Thank you SO much for anything you can tell me.

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You can find some more details here:

However, I would think your son should make an appointment to see the GP first thing on Monday morning so that he can explain to him what will happen next in his particular case. Most of those who regularly read these forums are not doctors, so this is not the place to get urgent advice.

Hope that helps.

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hydronephrosis is a completely different disorder. unfortunately they are saying that the only treatment is surgery as I brought him to the ER (emergency room) I was hoping that someone with this exact condition would see this and let me know besides calling a urologist what step next to take..thank you for your reply.


Hi, you need to double check me I am not a medic, but I believe they are the same thing, except with hydroureteronephrosis it also involves the Ureters.

Anyway, your son's GP is really his next stop.


Yes I feel like a fool I have read everything so I assumed that they were different. the site you gave me was a huge help thank you. I now understand exactly how this works! His gp will just say the same as the er, to call the urologist and get his appointments made. so I am doing that Monday morning,..(tomorrow) Thanks SOO much dear Joss!


Good luck!


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