PPI inhibitors/Altzhiemers

As a long term user, I have had leg weariness etc. I have read the research and link with altzhiemers being inconclusive, and no link has ever mentioned the fact that PPI's reduce the uptake of Vitamin B12. which has an important effect on the brain function.

So I stopped taking a PPI, and increased my Vit. B12 intake. The effect was amazing, I am like a new person, fit as a fiddle, can walk much further, thinking is better. I am 81.

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  • Over on Thyroid UK we talk of little else than the impact of PPIs on our bodies! Yes - they cause impaired B12 absorption. But also impaired digestion and absorption of much else.

    All too often, we even find that the reason for the prescribing of PPIs in the first place is questionable. For some people (not everyone) the PPI was prescribed for excess acidity - with absolutely no proof that this is the case. The symptoms of low acidity and high acidity can be all too similar.

    (Actually, we do talk of other things than PPIs. But they, and every other acidity reducing agent, are very frequently raised topics.)

  • I so agree helvella, I was told by the assistant pharmacist I should be on a PPI with my pred even though he had just dispensed enteric coated ones to me. Also recently I went to a new GP who trebled my steroids due to a blip in my CRP, and she immediately went to her computer to prescibe a PPI even though I am on Lodotra. My rheumatologist also told me I should take a PPI when she knew I was taking Lodotra and she said it made no difference. None of them actually offered me a PPI they decided I should have them and so there was a minor fight when I said NO.

  • Thank you helvella and piglette, I have a hiatus hernia and thought a PPI (lansoprazole) was really important to avoid the pain and reflux, so have taken it for many years. By chance recently I ran out and could not get any (over Easter). However I took advice, eat little and often and so on. I was surprised at how much better I felt physically, so I researched the subject and can now manage well enough without recourse to the bad antacids containing aspirin derivatives and so on, and I manage on milk of magnesia now and again. Hopefully I will fully recover my fitness physically and mentally by taking B12 supplementation.

    I also was prescribed a statin some years ago. As you age you expect some deterioration I suppose, but my good eyesight changed and I had two cataract operations within two years. Also my joints and finger tendons changed and I could not do things I normally did, like pick up a bale of hay. Matters came to a head when my wrists swelled up painfully. Stopping the statin brought about an immediate change, though I still have stretch marks on my wrists! It was pointed out that I had a much increased chance of a stroke by stopping, however recent research indicates that HDL cholesterol is not actually bad for you.

    My son has Hashimoto's thyroid destruction and is permanently on thyroxine. It may have been as co-incidence, but it happened after he believed the ads about soya being very healthy for you. He drank soya milk daily, had soya protien etc for some years. I got him to stop because I had heard that it gave nervous system damage, but the damage was done. It turns out that Soya is top of the list as a goitrogen.

  • Vitamins D,K1,K2, and minerals boron and silica get better cardiovascular results than statins and better bone strength than bisphosphonates see: dailykos.com/story/2016/3/2...

  • Ref PPIs——I was diagnosed with IBS by a consultant, a diagnosis that I disputed for 11 horrendous years, pointing out that the discomfort was gastric and that I had no IBS symptoms—e.g diarrhoea, constipation. Despite this diagnosis I was taking ranitidine and amitriptiyline. Finally a GP listened and put me on PPIs and all symptoms ceased. So for me PPIs have been of great benefit but the downside is that they have created a degree of dependency, i.e. hard to get off of them.

    Does anyone have a strategy for getting off of PPIs?

  • It is not easy but having had this stuff for 15 years without knowing how bad it is for me, I now am prepared for some acid discomfort in the knowledge that my vitamin B12 intake is not so seriously affected. after all, acid is needed for absorbing your meals properly, your system can just overdo it a bit.

    Eat little and often, avoid taking antacids until you really need them, there are many tips on the net but I have found that vinegar with a meal is surprisingly good at avoiding discomfort, apples too are ok, but avoid citrous fruits like the plague. Mustard is good but I have yet to try ginger and aloe juice, bananas are supposed to be Ok but not for me.

  • Glad you are feeling so much better. My husband became very lethargic on PPI, and I only took one when I had stomachs ulcers diagnosed and never took another as felt so awful. I do worry that people put up with feeling awful as they don't know how to assess if the medication is giving side effects. I took alendronic acid for a year before I realised I had gradually become very depressed on it - took another year to get it out of my system.

  • Lyme Disease is now a pandemic over the world with government denial as well as doctors. They thought it easy to kill.

    but test are hard to do.

    Lyme can impersonate 300 conditions from mental health to fibromyalger.

    The increased use of technology is very low freqency nuclear raditation.

  • Lyme disease is not a pandemic all over the World. There were around 250 cases in 2001 in UK and around 1000 reported cases in 2011. Due to misreporting and misdiagnosis there were probably around 3000 cases in UK in 2011. This is miniscule. Anybody using the word "pandemic" in association with Lyme disease does not understand what the word means. Check nhs.uk/news/2015/10October/...

    "Impersonate?" What does that mean? This statement about 300 "conditions" makes no sense? Are you saying that if people have any of these conditions then they have Lymes Disease instead? You would need some solid evidence to back up such wild speculation. Got some?

    I'm afraid I don't understand your last sentence neurologicalady. What does that sentence mean? Where does nuclear radiation come into the discussion on PPIs?

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