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How do I go for a FULL [I mean full!!] Medical Check up?

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I am 64 years of age, many medical problems over the years, in fact that is my problem, one problem supposedly solved, yes you've guessed it another comes up! It has been like this from ten years old when I had meningitis, from then on life has been downhill. I am very tired of being wracked up for eternal blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, endless scans, numerous specialists, tested for Parkinson's Disease, suddenly my pancreas breaks down, I have not been drinking for five years, did you know that...?, medications? "Did you know your a one off!", "you should be taking?", WHY?, burble, burble, "you have a very rare condition!", "what is the last time you had a brain scan, you should really have one!", "you should be in this Medical support group!", "you be taking ########? for your ######?, "Don't take those they are terrible for men your age!", "those medications react with your epilepsy medications!", "When's the last time you had a ###### scan?", "your blood tests show.... [I have had more syringes stuck in me than if I had eternal sex with a porcupine?], "your cholesterol is too high!" diabetes 2, "did you know you have three broken ribs?", "OH you have early dementia! [then they treat me like a four year old, I feel like wringing their necks!]. I was born in the 20th century all these medical terms, they are well beyond me, do I have to start re-educating myself with all these supposedly "wonderful" medical terms and medications, the abbreviations ### ## ####### , then they find they are not so "wonderful" because of their dreadful side effects? Maybe they should have "Medical terms, conditions and medications explained for Dummies?". If I wanted a FULL medical check [beyond local GP!] and explanation of possible side effects from the..... [Where DO they start?], I could be 'looking' forward to, I reckon a VERY long line, but at LEAST it would give me SOME sort of warning what MIGHT on my medical menu for the near future? HELP!

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Apparently it is BECAUSE I have SO MANY medical conditions, symptoms interacting with each other, they do not KNOW WHERE to begin, so I will just have to literally bite my lip, and continue on as usual!🤬🤬🤬🤬

If you go for a full medical check, they will do the bog standard tests for the bog standard problems people have, probably a lot of the tests you may have had already you will find. All they are doing are tests, they are not trying to diagnose particularly. If there is something odd, they will just tell you.

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Thanks piglette, but essentially there is no such thing as a full medical checkup, they would start as you say "they will do the bog standard tests for the bog standard problems people have, probably a lot of the tests you may have had already you will find." but I have so many odd things wrong with me "a one off!" as I have been told so many times over my life, of course they will find peculuarities, 'par for my course', BUT they will not be able to ascertain if these oddities are caused by this condition or another one of my known or unknown conditions? I have had some weird medications over my 64 years, probably some long term side effects might cause another? Nah! I'm just tired of some junior nurse or doctor pointing out did you know....? It's not worth going for a "full" medical check, just wasting everybody's time, not much time left anyway? I sometimes feel like that I am that 0.01% that those household cleaners cannot get? Ironic the novel I have been writing for the last 12 years is called "Bodies for Sale??"🥴😗🙄

Too many 'specialists' and too many gaps between their own particular fields! I'm now receiving so many scans and tests, essentially I'm the chink in their fields meanwhile I'm getting older? Could I be used as a living lab. rat might be useful for someone?🥴Seriously willing to give it a try?😗

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I totally agree. I have got into the rut where they keep doing tests, then they find something they were not even looking for so we then go down that path and more tests. I think I will give up seeing doctors if they would only let me!

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I would myself, but they might find something new, which would benefit someone else! That unfortunately is my only reason, finding a cure for my ills, I'm too long in the tooth, to believe in that!🙄

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