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Fresh Climbing Bean Seeds recipe

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I picked the last of my French Climbing Beans, grown organically. A couple of freezer bags full of beans for the autumn/winter. In terms of value for money then these are superb. The crop has been magnificent this year.

As you can see they have gone to seed but not dried out yet. It is a purple podded variety (Cobra) with seeds saved from last year. I cooked these in biryani spices with tomato purée, home grown onions, red peppers, garlic and a few green beans that had not gone to seed. I wanted to see a range of colours. Truly delicious.

4 Replies
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I’m not familiar with these beans but they look wonderful! Beans are so full of protein! I did a big batch of Chana Dal yesterday and used split peas (chick peas) for this😊

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PhilFreeToAsk in reply to Alb2

I enjoy chana dal too. Enjoy.

The French climbing beans have gone to seed. I think the seeds are known as flageolet beans.

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Ah, I didn’t recognise the purple colour but yes, I do know them😊

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This is the variety.

The seeds are purple.

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