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Marinated Tofu Vegetable Stir-fry

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For this stir fry I marinated Tofu in sesame oil, crushed garlic and fresh red chilli chopped finely and a pinch of salt for 30 mins.

Veggies are broccoli, sliced red pepper and julienned carrots

All served on a bed of bulgur wheat ( optional) or any grain of your choice

A sprinkling of toasted sesame and pumpkin seeds.


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That looks yummy and very colourful. 🙏🤤

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KBMosia in reply to springcross

The sesame seed oil gives it a nutty taste and it tastes good

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springcross in reply to KBMosia

I can imagine.

Lovely looking dish..and it has reminded me of the packets of bulgur wheat in my kitchen cabinets..I do love bulgur wheat pilafi with yogurt. 😊👍

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Your meal looks and sounds wonderful, KBMosia. Thank you for posting a picture to share with everyone. We had a stir-fry with rice for dinner recently, too.

Stir Fry dinner with rice, mustard greens and tofu
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KBMosia in reply to Activity2004

I so like mustard greens! Looks good

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to KBMosia

Thank you! This was the first time adding them to a stir fry. Nice taste with the tofu and rice mixture. :-)

Oh so you marinate tofu first - never been sure how to cook tofu - good to know - thanks 🙏 😊

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KBMosia in reply to Vonus559

Because tofu is bland on its own , I found out that if it's marinated before cooking it , you get a good taste. It's the first time using sesame oil instead of olive oil, I just like to experiment to see what happens. Sesame oil gave it a nice nutty taste. Next time I will some spices as well

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HungryHufflepuffMeal Of The Month

I love tofu and that looks so good with those vegetables 😋

Thank you, it was delicious

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