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Gluten free savoury vegetable crumble 🍎 🍐🌢 πŸ₯• + over 30 different plants eaten today.

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Hi everyone,

Here's what I made for tea tonight and I had it with broccoli tender stems and Chanteray carrots with a gravy made with red peppers onions and quinoa and red lentils cooked together.

I made a crumble mix with 1/2 gram flour and 1/2 buckwheat flour total 150g with 75g butter herbs and a little sea salt to season and for the filling I used organic button mushrooms with chancery carrots and leeks for the filling and I sprinkled chia flax pumpkin and sesame seeds on top, before baking for 25 mins

I've counted my plants eaten today and they total 31 with 15 different letters of the alphabet. So here's a list of them: 😊


Beetroot, buckwheat flour, blueberries, broccoli tender stems,

Chia, carrots, chestnut mushrooms, celery

Flax seeds

Garlic, grapes

Leeks, lentils

Maize starch

Onions, olive oil

Parsley, pears,

Raspberries, red peppers


Sesame, Soy cream

Rocket, rice flour

Tapioca starch, tomatoes, turmeric

White button mushroom, white kidney beans

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Activity2004 profile image

This sounds really fantastic, Hidden ! Thank you for sharing this with us.πŸ˜€πŸ‘

I’m having pasta for dinner tonight with a side salad.

in reply to Activity2004

Thanks Leah and pasta with a Side salad is a lovely meal, so I hope that you enjoy it. I had salad at lunch time. πŸ˜€

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

Thank you! That’s fantastic to hear.πŸ˜€

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Hi Hidden

Your Veggie Crumble looks fantastic! I bet it was delicious.

Great on your Plant Alphabet Challenge too - that is phenomenal that you managed all those in just one day. Really great!

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest, I was surprised how many I ate in one day too. I love this plant challenge as it’s made me much more open minded to what I eat. 😊

sunny369 profile image

wow! great list for one day! :)

your crumble looks very tempting and tasty (you might remember I love a crumble :) ) I will definitely have a go at copying it....

in reply to sunny369

Thanks sunny and I remember fellow crumble lovers so I hope that you enjoy it, it’s healthy using buckwheat and gram flour too. 😊

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Can you help me find the NHS healthy 12 week plan forum please?

in reply to ollio

Hi Ollio, here’s a link to the NHS 12 week plan, I’m not sure about a forum but you should find all the info on here.

Jerry 😊

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ollio in reply to

thanks a lot jerry

in reply to ollio

You're very welcome. 😊

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Zest in reply to ollio

Hi ollio

Are you looking for the NHS weight loss forum, as they do weigh-ins etc that support the NHS 12 week plan:

Zest :-)

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