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Borlotti bean curry with red rice

Hi everyone, here's what I made for dinner tonight its a curry made with diced onion and peppers sautéed in a little olive oil with Broccoli baby carrots and borlotti beans. I added a little gram flour to the sautéed onions stirred it in before adding some stock with the veg and curry spices including some sweet chilli sauce. I cooked red rice and basmati rice so its pink and speckled...And I enjoyed it. 😊

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Hi Hidden

Your curry looks really good. I like the colour of your pink speckly rice as well - really nice.

Zest :-)

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Thanks Zest 😊

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I should think you did enjoy it Jerry, it looks so appetising!

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Awe thanks Sue. 😊

It came out looking lovely. Hope you enjoyed all its health benefits.

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Thank you Imaaan I think I did 😊

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This looks and sounds wonderful, Hidden. Glad you enjoyed it. :-) One of my favorite flavors of rice is basmati. :-)

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

Your Curry looks lovely Jerry, those veggies look so healthy and fresh 😁

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