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Any help too stop eating chocolate?

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Hmmmm there is really not much anyone can help with. I used to have 1-2 squares of dark chololate as a treat 1-2/ week and that’s actually not that bad for you. Alternatevly I can reccomend the alpro soya chocolate pots as a treat from once in a while,they are very tasty and the calories are not bad. Good luck 😊😊😊

If you buy several bars at a time, you might think about putting all but one in the freezer. And forgetting about them. Then with your 1 bar or packet, you could ration it to 1 to 2 pieces / 4 buttons a night. Plain chocolate is best for this regime. And I use plain chocolate buttons mainly. But before I go for say 3 to 5 chocolate buttons a day, I eat 2 walnut halves, which may suffice and are good for me. It’s not easy but once in the routine, the need lessons.

To be honest I find I am better not to buy any at all. It is one thing which, if I start eating, I can't stop and will crave more and more. I used to eat loads of chocolate. After the first few days of withdrawal I find the craving goes and then it is easy enough just to not buy it. Even at work I can resist the tins of Roses etc. But if I let myself slip and start eating it, it is a very slippery slope. Reckon there is something or things in chocolate that you actually crave/get addicted to.

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I also agree with generally not buying chocolate. Pre-covid, I went a long spell with no chocolate at all. Later I would only buy a bar if I had a very specific craving for it, but I would have to go out my way to buy it, which I think helps you to avoid it becoming habit.

With lockdown meaning we couldn't go to the shops for non-essentials, I started buying a bar with my weekly food shop in case I got a craving. Of course, the fact it was in the house meant I ate it, regardless of craving it or not, and after a few weeks I ended up on 4 bars a week. I recognise the slippery slope, so I try not to buy it as a habit anymore.

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maria40 in reply to Cooper27

In the same situation but I've switched to 85% chocolate, one piece of which seems to stop the craving. Of course the vagaries of online shopping mean that this sometimes replaced by 70% but I try to resist.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to maria40

The chocolate we buy is dark already (I'm lactose intolerant and dark is often dairy free).

I did find a recipe for making my own "chocolate" with a mix of coconut oil, cacao powder and a very small quantity of maple syrup. That was quite easy to only eat one or two bits of, then stop.

Distraction. Store stuff in cupboards. Take up a new hobby.

Again, I find it's best just not to buy chocolate/crisps/biscuits/booze/whatever the weakness is.. If it's not in the house you can't consume it. Then if I get cravings, I'll distract myself by looking at smaller clothes I could wear if I stick to the programme, or I'll add pictures/quotations to Pinterest that I find motivating; or I'll journal my thoughts/ feelings or just simply tell myself that I CAN have the "treat" but I'm CHOOSING not to.. And if I do have the treat, I try to enjoy it slowly and mindfully, not just shovel it down haha

NB this is all written from the perspective of me at my best, but I need to be honest, I haven't seen much of my best in a year! So basically I'm in the same boat as you, just trying to take one day at a time..

Best of luck. I think you can do it! 🙂

I think practically, I find the best way for me, to stop the craving is to go and drink some ice cold water. It has to be really cold. It kinda jolts you back to rational thinking for a second and can be enough to stop the craving. If you are eating because you are angry or upset the best thing is to try and distract yourself through meditation, tapping or any activity that is strong enough to distract yourself from the craving and then when its passed and it will pass, try and journal your feelings or speak to someone about them so your brain starts to associate bad feelings with more positive behaviours rather than binging. I hope that makes sense it isn't easy, I still struggle with it but everyday is a new day and who knows what you can achieve, take care, love Mel xx

Your addiction is probably to the sugar and fat in the chocolate not the actual chocolate itself. I have no problem with controlling the amount of dark 70% + chocolate I eat but give me milk chocolate and I'm a goner as the craving gets totally out of control. I simply don't buy it or have it in my house nor do I allow processed sugar in my house or foods. The fact that the kind of chocolate I eat has health benefits has helped me to move it out of the "treat" mindset to the "health supplement" mindset e.g. I wouldn't eat more than one D3 tablet a day so no need to melt more than one small peice of chocolate in my mouth in a day. In fact I no longer think of food as a treat which helps even more. If I have a treat it's usually an activity. like a walk in the woods or going to a place I enjoy being.

Do you like coffee? Try this:

Add a heaping spoon of UNSWEETENED cocoa powder to your coffee. Add whatever cream and sweetener you normally do--I'm on a keto diet, so I add heavy cream and monk fruit sweetener to mine (zero calorie).

Actually, if you normally drink coffee black, you might find you need cream/milk and sweetener--cocoa powder can be bitter.

IMO it turns your coffee into a chocolate drink and gets rid of cravings. Depending on how you drink it (like in my case, aligned with my diet) you can have it as often as you like!

Make sure you switch to decaf at night tho :o)

Eat as much chocolate as you can over Easter, and hope that it puts you off for the whole year?I used t like creamy chocolate - but, now I have lost 25kg, I like 85%.

I have one piece of 70% dark chocolate each evening - I don't seem to be tempted to have any more.

Wow, well done, wish I could just have one piece.


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