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Struggling to freely burp

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First time posting. Over the last year, I’ve struggled to belch/burp. What was once so easy is now difficult and highly uncomfortable. It feels like it’s stuck in my chest and I literally have to jump up and down, go for a brisk walk just to help it on it’s way. Lying down is a nightmare as the pressure builds.. so having a restful sleep is near impossible. Coincidently am now intolerant to a lot of foods. Cutting out lactose has helped and I now eat little but often. I’ve had an endoscopy but no issues where found. Medication hasn’t worked either. I was on omeprazole but no effect. Am not sure where to turn to next. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

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Hey bud sorry to hear about your problem that is so strange. Have you tried a curry ? Have you tried gulping your food down fast ? There are some foods that will help but I can't remember now....I will think about it .

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Konnee in reply to Daabren6

Thank you. Curry is one of the foods I can’t eat unfortunately, at least not without major discomfort. Thanks for your advice😊

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The only other thing I can think of is drink a can of coke...makes everyone burp.....

You might want to look at an elimination diet. That's a very restricted diet (google to find out the details). If your systems disappear on it, then you gradually reintroduce different foods. If your symptoms return, then you know that food is causing problems.

This is not full advice, just a pointer on something you could look into to fixing your problem. You will need to do the research.

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Konnee in reply to Subtle_badger

Thank you, I’ll research further and give that a try. Regards

Hi Konnee,

A level teaspoon of bi carb in a glass of water will help you to burp. Also, to alleviate the issue you have in bed, when lying down the trapped air is very uncomfortable, I know.. I would suggest having your last meal quite early. I like to stop eating around 4pm and then I can guarantee a good night's sleep, no worries. Hope this helps. Yvonne

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Konnee in reply to queenie-duke

Thank you so much. I will def give that a try😊

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