trying to eat better

hello my name is liam renwick i am 20 years old i am not obese or anything like that

my weigth is 13st 1 i am 5 ft 9 however the reason i say i am not overweight is i am an avid bodybuilder and spend 5x a week in gym doing heavy weightlifting

i am trying to vut down on my sugar and carb intake as i am easily taking in 300g of sugar a day and the carbs are roundabout 500g a day

i am looking for any help on cutting down on my sugars and carbohydrate intake

any help would be appreciated


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  • Try "I quit sugar" by Sarah Wilson (there's a website and books)

  • Thank you very much

  • How did you get to these numbers " I am easily taking in 300g of sugar a day and the carbs are roundabout 500g a day" ?

    May be you have your answer!

  • I am eating normal foods etc bread pasta chicke, weetabix in the morning for my breakfast I think it's more the amount of the foods I'm eating I can easily put away 6 weetabix, my pasta ranges from 100-400g at a time

  • I think u r not diabetic person Are u any tested for blood results lipid profiles kidne function tests liver function and FBS PPBS HBA1C

  • Nope I am not diabetic I am in perfectly good health I have had three blood tests a urine test and everything else , my bmi says I am overweight but bmi is a load of bs anyways but I am worried if I carry on this way I may develop type two diabetes down the line

  • if u allrady non diabetic it is good u must consume more begitables and fruits instead of carb content foods and sugary items Excercises like walking aerobic joging is good

  • I am already exercising regularly I cycle everywhere to work etc I go to the gym 5x a week and I eat chicken and veggies dinners nearly every day I have this insatiable appetite for yoghurt

  • most of the carb item sand sugary content to avoid and use fruits and vegitabales it seems to be good

  • Lots of good info at to help you cut carbs.

  • Thank you very much :)

  • Look up what non-organic foods do because of their hormones, antibiotics etc. My health has been better since going organic...several things improving without any other "remedy" like dry skin and allergies. If you're looking for a healthy diet, I would start there. Juicing organic fruits and vegetables would be great too.

  • Sounds like, basically, instead of changing amounts, you just need to change types. How about making an effort to "go natural"....if it is "as it came from nature", great; if it has been processed in any way, not so good. Especially with grains. And I found it helps to make an effort to use "exotic" grains--in other words, not wheat.

  • Thanks very

    Much for that :)

  • You might want to read It explains what you need whether your building muscle or removing fat

  • It's been awhile; how are you doing now? What changes are you trying? I've been overweight ever since my early 20s, and tried a bit of this and a bit of that for over 40 years--but nothing "stuck" before the fear of diabetes and the slowly increasing problems with doing everything I'd always done before (just about whatever I wanted, no matter how physical, and no matter my weight) finally caught up with me and made me get serious about how I eat and what it does to me and/or for me. I encourage you to keep trying. And to take it in little steps that you can keep taking when you find something you like and that works for you, and then add other little steps to it as you find things that work for you.

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