I struggle to maintain a suitable diet. I lose a couple of pounds and then put them back on. I think the main thing is because I am trying to lose a few pounds on my own so I have joined this site as I have read some of the posts and found them encouraging. I do like eating healthily as I always feel better, I get more 'get up and go' and feel happier. It is mainly later on in the evenings I tend to start snacking, and really I know I shouldn't, so I am going to have more resolve and break the habit!


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  • It's much easier to tell yourself what you will have rather than what you shouldn't.

  • Hi I am a sugar fiend myself! One thing that has helped me to break a habit is my life style choices. I use to watch tv all the time and then I would mindlessly snack at the same time. I have always thought watching too much tv cannot be good for you so I made the change to cut back, I use the evening differently filled with talking to friends and family, studying, planning meals and finances. Reading is good for the mind and maybe meditating, although that is something I haven't tried! I now don't snack like I use to or wish for those things in the evening. Good luck to you. p.s I do watch a little tv still!

  • Well done. That is exactly what I want to do, break the habit. I like reading so I have picked a book to read. I do go on the internet and read lots of articles as well. Stocked up on fruit. First day today, so good so far. I feel positive. Thanks.

  • Yes I have loads of lovely red apples off a tree in an orchard, nobody picks them and they are so sweet. I do like this site as everybody is so nice and positive and encouraging! it is great. Thanks

  • and keep that water handy !

  • try to plan ahead , slice up cucumber , zucchini, and just a few 8 pretzels

    hope that helps

  • I agree with you, I have some slices of cucumber, celery and carrot with natural low fat yoghurt and a level teaspoon of mint sauce, it is really refreshing and filling and low in calories.

  • yes indeed , this snacking happens in the eve and I have tried evertthing... so I now get apple , cucumbers, pickles , red pepper ready ... with choices!

    it is a tough habit , to break, but choose healthy stuff

  • I lost 69 lbs on Weight Watchers in last 3 years I've put on 28lbs .

    I have lost my way ,lose 7/10 lbs then put on again

    Started again to try lose bit before Christmas

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