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Gluten free cheese pasta bake 🌞

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Hi everyone,

With the poll on comfort food I ended up making this cheese pasta bake with corn spirals baked in a cheese sauce with diced onion, it was really easy and turned out nicely. I had it with garden peas and it is very comforting. This is vegetarian and gluten free.

Stay safe and enjoy your evening now folks. 🌈😊

15 Replies
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Hi Hidden

Your Cheese pasta bake looks really scrumptious! I imagine it went very well with the garden peas.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest it was a nice meal. 🌈😊

I made this too. But had to use the organic petit pois and the gluten free organic pasta with artisan organic vegetarian cheese from the dairy.

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Sounds good to me 🌈😊

That looks so yummy Jerry, bet you enjoyed every mouthful. Who needs special ingredients to make a good meal.


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I do. Gotta have the special stuff. I made victoria sponge the other day, fortunately had my organic whole fruit jam. Yum. Nothing else will do.

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I'm following the low fodmap diet so I have to have special stuff at the mo. I love organic vegetables.

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I always misread that as low foodmap. And I get puzzled about maps and food.

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Now that I can understand,it's working brilliantly for me

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I believe in natural where possible, no special diet, just everything in moderation.

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Definitely for natural but without the special diet for my IBS I'd still be suffering wit nausea and diarrhoea every day like I was before. It's been a game changer for me for sure.

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I've been having IBS, not nice.

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It certainly isn't but the low fodmap diet has helped me so much, I can live my life again. It really was ruining any enjoyment as I had diarrhoea and acute nausea nearly every day.

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Thanks Alicia that’s very nice of you. 🌈😊

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You're welcome Jerry🌈😊

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