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Gluten free vegan pasta bake.

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Hi everyone,

Well it must be catching as I had a pasta bake for dinner tonight too, I cooked gluten free corn and veg pasta shells, I had it with onions garlic mushrooms mixed sweet peppers plum tomatoes and some frozen mixed veg, seasoned with oregano black pepper. I par cooked the pasta and added all the veg and baked in the oven, the shells on the top were nice ad crispy. A very easy tasty meal and the smell while it baked was lovely, definitely winter comfort food.

Jerry 😊

14 Replies
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I must say Jerry that really looks so appealing, I could really tuck into that πŸ˜€

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Aw thanks Debs πŸ˜€

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Hi Hidden

Wow, that's a great pasta bake - looks really good. :-) Glad you enjoyed it.

Winter comfort food - lovely. :-)

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest I did enjoy it. 😊

Ooh Jerry, that looks absolutely delicious and what fabulous ingredients. I bet you enjoyed every mouthful.πŸ˜‹

I start the low FODMAP diet on Monday so will be in the kitchen all day on Tuesday (I probably won't have time on Monday to do any cooking) creating some low fodmap dishes.

Here's to an IBS free future.πŸ˜€

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Hey thanks Alicia I did enjoy it. I wish you well with your FODMAP diet I’ve heard of lots of good results from it, so definitely here’s to an IBS free future. πŸ˜€

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I bet you did, I'd definately enjoy it.

Thank you, it'll be good to sort out my triggers.πŸ‘

Aw thanks Hidden thats appreciated. 😊

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Hi Jerry,

What a colourful and warm looking meal.. This is a recipe that I will definitely use for the winter, as it has got all my fav veggies!!

Will save this post..


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Hi TaurusLady and thank you again these are my favourite veggies as well. 😊

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Please share this recipe Jerry 😊

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Hello Veeee , I cooked the pasts and the veg separately by cooking the onions and mushrooms in olive oil first then I added the tin of tomatoes frozen veg herbs and spices and then mixed it with the cooked pasta shells and baked in the oven for approx 35 mins.

All very easy, so thanks for your interest.

Jerry 😊

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Ooh looks lovely, I will give this a go with my gf pasta sounds so tasty and healthy too


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Hey thanks pamela22 it's my favourite type of meal. 😊

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