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What are your thoughts? part 2

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What do you think of this.

Agree or disagree and why?

I saw a video on facebook the other day of a woman giving a talk about veganism, it was quite interesting too.

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Yep, your leaflet just about sums it up in my opinion. What the health is worth watching if you haven’t already. Ali 🙂🌱

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Kai-- in reply to Agoodenough


1 hour, 32 minutes What the Health - Documentary - 2017 2160p 4K



[After watching the documentary, if you’d like to dig a bit deeper 🕵️‍♂️ 👁 🔎 , Matt2584/ Agoodenough, to explore a few debunking (of the debunking videos 😁 🙃 ) , have at it: healthunlocked.com/cure-art... ]


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Matt2584Star in reply to Kai--

Thanks for the link but as I was saying to Goodenough, I have seen the documentary before. Very informative.

And would I like to dig a bit deeper followed by a few emojis... is that the eye of Horus I see :).

There are quite a few folk that do research upon research and then there are people like me who do a small amount of research. Mainly cos I have a brain injury and I can’t cope with all the research and also I don’t have the time for it.

One major thing I do need to know though is that the world is totally and utterly corrupt.

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grace111 in reply to Matt2584

i agree with that and study certain history, it was not even hidden in plain site, dont worry the lord has over come them. worry more about what can be done to the soul as its eternal and the body isn't.

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Kai-- in reply to Matt2584

Fully understand, Matt2584. No worries. 😌 🙏

Sadly, much corruption amongst ‘the easily corruptible’ 🤑 with vested interests 💰. . . 😔 😯 😳

[We get a kick out of the term "basket of deplorables" ( 🧺 🤑 🧐 ), so we freely use it (with a wink & a smile 😉 ) to not only apply to ‘the readily corruptible’, but to children 👫 , pets 🐈 🐕 🐌 . . . . or anything really . . . ☺️ 🙃 😂 ]

Fortunately, glimmers ✨ of hope exists amongst uncorrupt people who try to help themselves (& others) improve their lives. 👍👍

I’ve a sneaking suspicion, Matt2584, that you’re an incorruptible person 😇 . 👍👍


[The video 📹 is merely added for convenience of folks who may wish to readily view the documentary without having to search 🔎 for it. ☺️ ]


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Matt2584Star in reply to Kai--

Thanks for that Kai :) and yes, you got it in one. I am definitely one of the incorruptable people :).

I will never let money turn me into a horrible person :).

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Matt2584Star in reply to Agoodenough

Thanks for that :).

I have seen this documentary before and it is an interesting one indeed :).

Eating more meat generally means eating less legumes. Legumes have been shown to have anti carcinogenic properties eg ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/257.... So add to this the WHO report classifying processed meat (eg bacon, sausages, salami and much more) are class 1 carcinogens and you have my answer.

Most omnivores will at best have a few baked beans. Whilst I have a range of pulses and legumes each and every day. Today I have eaten butter beans, lentils, chick peas and more, and that is a standard day.

Fruit has also been shown to be anti carcinogenic. Today I have eaten blackberries, banana, melon, cherries.

All this powerfully supports the health advantages of going whole food plant based.

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Hidden in reply to andyswarbs

I eat all of those foods you just mentioned, but then I have the advantage of those wonderful foods like wild game that I shoot or trap myself or friends and family bring for me. Fresh eggs, quality beef and lamb and pork, and my favourite free range chicken. Fish, cheese, I do love some processed foods, bacon, salami and ham.

Enjoy your life and don't worry about what other people eat. Stress is more likely to bring on a heart attack then a nice bacon butty.

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Matt2584Star in reply to Hidden

Killing and cooking your own meat is the best way to be eating meat as it is a lot cleaner. I don’t mean less dirty. I mean the meat is not pumped with antibiotics first like a lot of the processed meats that come from factory farms.

The internet will explain that better.

And friends and family bringing you food as well, that is how it should be everywhere. People helping each other out. I scratch your back, you scratch mine. The world needs more love than hate.

I eat processed meat at times but definitely not as much as I used to.

But like you say though enjoy your life and don’t worry about others as stress could do more damage.

But the thing is, you don’t really want to say that about a good friend or family member, well I wouldn’t anyway.

I would love to say to my aunty “Enjoy your life the way you want but those Statins that the doctor prescribed you with are killing you, I hope you know” but I know she will not listen to me on that note... because she is brainwashed... just like many other people are.

Definitely disagree. Saturated fat is not solid at body temperature; at room temperature it is. Eating saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease; visceral fat/dyslipidaemia comes from de novo lipogenesis xperthealth.org.uk/Portals/... . There are lots of examples from the animal world. Horses fed on hay are prone to heart disease, think of the well marbled steaks from vegetarian cattle, Barry Groves claimed that gorillas fed on grains developed heart disease, plus foie gras from grain fed ducks and geese (fatty liver goes hand in hand with chronic heart disease).

With regard to cancer, Sloan-Kettering Memorial is a reputable cancer research hospital that announced in 2010 mskcc.org/videos/why-we-all... that excess carbohydrate carries the highest risk of cancer, natural fat is virtually zero risk, and protein is between the two.

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BridgeGirl in reply to Concerned

Thanks for those references, Concerned . It's going to take me a while to read them but they look very interesting

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Matt2584Star in reply to Concerned

I agree with the PH thing. An acidic PH brings certain diseases.

But I disagree with the saturated fat thing as well.

Trans fats are more likely to bring on heart conditions.

I was reading something once about a guy called Ancel Keyes who did a study on saturated fat. He assigned to visit so many countries. The locals in some of these countries ate a lot of saturated fat and had great health.

A lot of people think that margerine is a healthy source of butter and they think butter is what makes you fat... it’s not. It’s deception.

Butter is more healthier for you than margarine.

Margerine has trans fats in it which can lead to heart problems/clogged up arteries.

Margerine is dangerous stuff and is also one molecule away from being registered as plastic.

I know the oceans could do without our plastic waste but I am pretty sure our bodies could do without it too.

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benwl in reply to Matt2584

The fact that margarine is "one molecule" away from being plastic has nothing to do with whether it is healthy or not. In chemisty a single molecule or a single bond can radically change a compounds properties.

For example water is one molecule away from hydrogen peroxide - but people don't suggest we stop drinking water because it's close to a substance that bleaches their hair.

If you smoke tabs all day what is going to happen ?

I'm new to this community but not to malecare. So, if this community does not deal with prostate cancer, please let me know.

Regarding your poster: If one could find one thing that "stop cancer in its tracks," and, if I read your leaflet correct, prostate cancer patients; don't you think that I and other prostate cancer patients would be all over that?

I came here because my urologist said that diet, especially animal fats, have been proven to be harmful to the prostate. But since I am not a red meat eater, did he mean dairy products, including yogurt and such? Yes and no, he says. The rest of his answers conflicted with each other.

I've already burnt my tongue and stomach because some group said using cayenne pepper will kill cancer cells. After six months, I can tell you, cayenne didn't increase or decrease my cancer cells. So, I come here for help understanding food, not miracles suggested by your leaflet.

jerry (jack's my dog)

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Matt2584Star in reply to jackcop

Yes, I do think that other prostate cancer patients would be all over the cayenne pepper treatment/cure but we live in a heavily corrupt world today full of deception and greed.

Wherever money goes, you will find corruption/evil.

The leaflet talks about the bodies PH regulatory system and that an acidic PH is what leads to many diseases.

It is not just one remarkable food that you need to keep ingesting to get a more alkaline PH/to kill cancer.

Cayenne pepper would be one of those alkaline foods but there are a lot more alkaline foods to eat as well, mainly fruits, veg and seeds or grains.

The PH system is not a miracle either, it is a part of the body and whether a person decides to have an acidic or alkaline body is their choice.

The main thing is, a lot of people are unaware about a lot of information and you have got your own government to thank for that.

When I was younger I had a terrible diet which meant I had a very acidic body too... only I and my family were unaware of this.

So why did doctors not tell me about the PH system back then? Maybe because doctors were not trained well enough back then, I don’t know how it all works, I’m not a doctor :).

As a result I now have a brain injury and have had to endure a lot of operations on my head.

For a few years now I have been eating a lot more fruit and veg (alkaline) and have been trying to eat less foods containing refined sugar (acidic) and I look and feel so much better.

If you change your diet like I have, you might not experience the same results. Everyone is different. But it works for me :).

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benwl in reply to jackcop

Hi Jerry,

I think you are absolutely right that if curing cancer was as simple as eating a single ingredient or taking alkaline foods we'd have discovered that by now.

Unfortunately sick people are often desperate for any treatment, and that makes them vulnerable to charlatans and cranks.

There is a good article here on various cancer myths:


(‘Acidic’ diets cause cancer is myth number 3)

However, there is evidence from published studies that dietary interventions can help,for example:


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Matt2584Star in reply to benwl

Here we go again... you are not the first, ben.

I did mention “Wherever money goes you will find corruption and evil”

You might want to do some research on Monsanto/Bayer or what about Agenda 21/Agenda 30.

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benwl in reply to Matt2584

At least you've clarified your position.

Do you by any chance believe the moon landings were faked?

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Matt2584Star in reply to benwl

I wouldn’t say I believed they were fake but then again I don’t it was real either.

Let me ask you something though, 9/11. An attack on America or inside job?

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benwl in reply to Matt2584

Attack on America, clearly.

There is an element of nuance, because america was quite willing to support the taliban when they were fighting the soviet union and there were intelligence failures that might possibly have prevented the attacks. No need to imagine bombs placed in those buildings though.

No need to explain with a conspiracy what can be explained with a cock-up. The current UK government can't even negotiate brexit, so the idea that they are co-ordinating a troll army to attack cholesterol deniers is just plain risible.

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Kai-- in reply to jackcop

If you haven’t already seen this, jackcop/ jerry, Prostate Cancer tips & references (to help you better understand food) are at 55Chevy’s post "Foods that fight cancer": healthunlocked.com/healthye... 👍👍

Of course, no magical ✨ ‘miracles’ ✨ , just practical, sound information from experienced, knowledgeable 🤓 physicians 👨‍⚕️ 👩‍⚕️ .

Very best wishes to you, Jerry. 😌 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


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Matt2584Star in reply to Kai--

See, sometimes I shouldn’t bother trying to explain my thoughts cos I admit, I have a pretty weak mind at times.

I don’t bother with a lot of research as I already said but I know what it wrong or right.

I’m just not so good at explaining some things.

So in other words, if someone has a problem and I know/have an idea how they can treat/cure it naturally..... don’t say anything.

I normally say something in order to help but then I get hit with all these scientific “facts” that tell me I am wrong... most probably disinformation from payed trolls.

I can just picture the government saying “Unleash the trolls” and the internet is then swarming with disinfo.

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Kai-- in reply to Matt2584

Hi, Matt2584! 👋

Apologies 🙏. I’m not quite following what you’ve noted. 🤔❓

My reply was to jackcop/ jerry to point 👉 him over to ‘Prostate Cancer’ references at another post.

I do hear 👂 what your saying, but I’m not quite grasping how it ties into my reply to jackcop/ jerry ? 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♀️

No worries. 😌 🙏


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Matt2584Star in reply to Kai--

Sorry Kai, I thought you were talking to me at first.

I wasn’t thinking straight :).

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Matt2584

Everyone is smart in their own way. That’s what makes everyone unique and talented!😀👍

That is so true and underestimated Activity2004. It is often diversity that enables a species to thrive, and seldom everyone following the crowd down a blind-alley.

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Matt2584Star in reply to Activity2004

You are spot on there, Leah :).

I have been told a few times that I am smart/intelligent although my brother wonders how haha.

I might not know the answers to a lot of things but that doesn’t make a person stupid :).

“You can be smart by not being very smart at all” :).

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Matt2584

Thank you for saying this! Yes, you’re right!😀👍

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Kai-- in reply to Matt2584

No worries, Matt2584. 🙏 😌

Threads get very confusing 🤔 with multiple people 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 having multiple conversations 🗣💬 🗣💬 🗣💬 simultaneously. 😳

Wires cross 🔀 easily. 😯

Confusion reigns 👑 ☔️! . . . 😂 🙃


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Matt2584Star in reply to Kai--

See the only thread I know is the one involved in sewing :).

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Kai-- in reply to Matt2584

😂 🙃 😄

You’re putting me in stitches 🧵 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ . . . 😁


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Hidden in reply to Matt2584

Lots of trolls around, some do it for money. But I suspect the overwhelming majority do it for fun.

Keep it simple and people will understand what your saying a lot more then those who try to be smart.

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Matt2584Star in reply to Hidden

I’m with you on that one Notso.

I am a simple kind of dude.... that is what makes me smart :).

The world should be simple but governments make it so complicated.

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