This is what a small bottle of soda does to your body

AFTER 10 MNUTES------ 10 teaspoonfuls of sugar will enter your body. This is 100% of your daily need. You won't vomit due to massive amounts of sugar because phosphoric acid holds back the taste.

AFTER 20 MINUTES----- your blood sugar spikes and insulin is released. Your liver quickly responds and transforms all available sugar into fat.

AFTER 40 MINUTES------- your pupils dilate, your blood pressure increases and your liver responds by increasing the sugar in your circulatory system. The adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked, which is why you no longer get tired.

AFTER 2HOURS------ the diuretic properties of caffeine kicks in. All calcium, magnesium and zinc, which was actually intended for your bones is passed in your urine. Sodium, electrolytes and water also exit your system.

AFTER MORE THAN 2 HOURS------ once the euphoria finally subsides, you will experience a sugar crash. You become irritable and lethargic. By drinking soda you have expelled important nutrients from your body. You have badly weakened your bones and teeth. Your chance of getting diabetes also increases.

Many people have no idea what they do to their bodies when they drink soda on a daily basis.


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11 Replies

  • Wow ! What a very informative post 🖒.. I'm glad I don't drink soda due to my cirrhosis .I only ever drink one good cup of coffee a day and the rest is fruit flavour still water sugar free.. hope that doesn't do any harm 🤔

  • Interesting post and I am not surprised about the damaging effects. Although I don't think 1 drink can do any harm. However, some of these type of drinks are designed to be deliberately addictive.

    What was the source of your information?

  • Forwarded to me from whatsapp.

  • This link containing a video and some expert commentary may prove useful in the UK press.

    Thanks for the post as it is worth reminding the problems that sugary drinks cause. You would think that something that is this unhealthy should be banned.

  • Thank you for providing the link.

  • Great posting! Thank you for posting it.

  • The post correctly concludes that sugar based drinks are bad for your health. Does that mean sugar free drinks are healthy? Marketing will tell you that sugar free drinks are beneficial as part of a calorie controlled diet and a healthier alternative etc. How do you respond when you are told that a sugar free drink is marketed as healthier instead of less harmful?

    So before you think about opening a can of no-sugar drink read this beforehand and decide whether sugar free drinks are healthy, healthier, less harmful or harmful?

  • I don’t consider sugar free healthy either but it is easy to be sucked in by clever marketing. There are numerous scientific reports (and obviously counter reports but who produced those?) that highlight potential health concerns.

    I did not want people to read the post and then think “Sugar drinks are bad so sugar free is OK.”

  • To me, those are worst than sugary drinks. At least, in the short run.

    They make me sick in the stomach and my bowels don't like them.

    The only one that I like is from lipton ice tea. They have stevia but I never really read if it does any harm.

  • Very useful information.... never have and never will drink soda, but it's good to know.

  • Well I'm gonna die. I have to stop myself from drinking 1L of coke in 1 day (not everyday but every other day).

    Might be why I felt such a diference when I started to eat more foods with zinc and magnesium. Probably was really lacking.

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