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Soup Makers: What's your best recipes?


Post gastric bypass and i've bought a soup maker. I love curry so looking at spicy soups; however, I want to throw in some super foods as well.

Have you done any experimenting and what's your best recipes?

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One of my favourites is pea and ham. 500g frozen peas, some cooked ham and a shallot. Fill up to the Max level with veg stock and let the soup maker do it’s thing. I prefer to cook it as ‘soup with bits’ and then do a quick blitz as I find it nicer than letting to go to a purée. New Covent Garden (the company that makes the cartons of soups) have some fantastic books of recipes. Other favourites are carrot and coriander, celeriac and horseradish and of course there’s the ‘whatever needs using up’ soup 😂

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Class! Thanks for your reply. ;-)

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My whatever needs using up soup often has a spoon of curry paste added, especially in the winter. 😋


Hi cooksta72

This recipe for Chicken Curry & Rice Soup was especially delicious. I did a post about it here:

Zest :-)

p.s. I realise it's not done in a 'soup maker' but I would imagine it would be similar in one of those.


Spicy carrot and coconut soup:

Or I even just add a spoon of curry powder to a lentil soup :)


Hi cooksta72, well good luck after your gastric bypass, my very favourite soup is carrot and coriander:

And instead of croutons I lightly cook chick peas in olive oil to make them crispy:

I also make soups with left over veggies and I really like using coconut milk and having a soup maker should make it a doddle...😊

A lot of my soups are just using up anything and everything in the veggie tray that needs using up, except potatoes and parsnips, as I am on low carb eating plan. Yesterday it was half a celeriac, half a Savoy cabbage and an onion, fried in a little coconut oil. Added dried parsley and rosemary and a Knorr Chicken Stock Pot. I make mine in a saucepan and then liquidise it. It made enough for me yesterday and today and I have put a carton in the freezer for the two of us another day.

My husband is on the 5:2 plan and on the fasting days I often make what I call green soup. Fry a chopped leek (including as much of the green as poss) in a minimum of rapeseed oil, then add chopped celery. These form the basis. To this I add any green veg I have, favourites being broccoli including stems saved from previous days, spinach or cabbage plus any other green veg that needs using up. Add boiling water and a teaspoon or two of Swiss bouillon powder and cook for 10 mins. Blend and eat. It’s very low in calories but rich in vitamins and antioxidants. I save some for another day or freeze it. It’s surprisingly tasty. And it’s very cheap too!

I just add one green finger chilli (chopped) to any soup I make to give it that ‘kick’


I love chicken soup with carrots and noodles so boring but I love it lol. I make a homemade broth and remove all the fat. Then I add a tablespoon of tomato paste just for a nice golden color (got that from my Italian nona). I add carrots and then noodles at the end. Add nice white chicken and you have nice chicken soup.

Chicken gumbo, basically chicken soup with fire roasted tomatoes, celery, okra, bell pepper, green chilies, onions in a roux. I usually take mine out before adding the roux since I also do low carb and the flour adds carbs. I grow my own okra and bell peppers. This year I actually got purple peppers before our huge heat wave killed my garden except the okra!

I forgot, I can’t eat the chicken either but I still eat the soup without it.

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