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What are your thoughts?


I eat out at a vegan bakery... I am not a vegan. More likely a rubbish vegan or even 'flexitarian' :), thanks for that one kaz.

Anyhow, the bakery has a few bits of info in there that can help.

I will post the other side of the leaflet too.

But what are people's thoughts on this?

Do you agree with it or do you not agree and why?

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I agree. A lot of health problems could be reversed by eating a healthy whole food plant based diet and a lot of illnesses could be avoided by eating no meat especially processed meats. Dairy has a lot to answer for too but it’s down to the individual. Before I became plant based I thought it was extremist to be vegan and once I got it I wished I had looked into it all earlier and not just believed what I was told about needing so much protein and that everyone needs milk for calcium and strong bones which I now know is a myth.

Interesting post.

Ali 🙂🌱

Matt2584Star in reply to Agoodenough

The 2 vegans who run the bakery say that it is fine to go out, kill an animal and eat it if it is just to feed yourself or yourself/family. Tigers do that kind of thing too. But the problem is mass killing animals to feed billions of people and a lot of that meat is completely wasted/not even purchased.

As for dairy... I think the term ‘factory farms’ says it all really.

Factory farms are gross.

In this video I saw on facebook, a lady was showing you a list of hundreds of species of animals but only a small portion of those animals are continuously bred and then slaughtered to feed or, not feed, us.

I was the same. I thought being vegan was a bit extreme when I was younger.

I can’t quite say “Now I have got it” like you but I can say “Now that I am nearing it, I wished I and my parents had looked into it years ago as I probably wouldn’t have a brain injury right now”.

According to another video I saw on facebook, people need/could do with omega 3 and a lot of people think you need cod liver oil to get omega 3.

You don’t.

If you take cod liver oil tabs, you are contributing to killing fish.

There are other plant-based ways to get omega 3, for one algae. Instead of killing fish why not take spirulina tabs (algae).

Similar thing these vegans at the bakery told me, a lot of people seem to think you need to eat meat in order to get protein... you don’t.

The foods cows, pigs, chickens eat, the seeds/grains, they provide the proteins.

So why not skip the killing and go for the main source?

I’m making myself sound like a vegan myself now :). I’m not though, I just eat less meat than I ised to.

I expect most people would say they don’t eat meat for the proteins, they eat meat for the taste... and I could agree with that when it comes to bacon.

I know there are plant based substitutes but they don’t quite cut the mustard..... well, I say that but I haven’t really tried any plant based bacon. I have had seitan and that is nice. At the bakery there do a toasted panini with vegan cheese and seitan and it tastes very similar to a bacon/cheese sandwich.

PenelModerator in reply to Matt2584

In the UK cows are traditionally kept on grass, they eat what we can’t eat, to produce milk and meat. Pigs and chickens, as long as they are free range, will also eat things that we don’t eat. They also provide farms with manure to make the ground capable of growing plants, without having to rely on a lot of artificial fertiliser.

This leaflet is supported by a vast amount of research, probably the largest body of non-meat/dairy industry funded research.

Of course that is an inflammatory statement, but take another body of research. There are studies on specific nutrients, and some of these are randomised. For example one might want to ask the question, if we boost vitamin A will there be better health outcomes. One problem with this kind of research is it is reductionist. It assumes that one can reduce health in the human body down to question marks over individual nutrients. These can lead to lots of sales for the supplement industry (aka pharma.) And yet when one checks long term outcomes of adding back specific nutrients the health benefits become dubious.

Cutting a long story short what one is left with is whole foods, indeed whole foods plant based diet. There are no studies whatsoever saying eating broccoli is bad for the average human being. The same is true for almost all edible plant foods. Of course there are people with specific health issues, eg I cannot eat nightshade plants. Also many omnivores have eaten so little and/or poor quality vegetables for many years that there guts are damaged and unable to consume some plants, eg those high in oxylates. But these are exceptions. The leaflet is aimed at, I assume the average person.

I completely agree. It's turned my life around. I'm 60 and changed my diet to WFPB a year ago. My doctor wanted me to go on statins, but my cholesterol is now perfect and my blood pressure is teen-like at 115/65. I have so much more energy it's kind of ridiculous. I just wish that my sister had known about this. She died of a stroke 3 years ago at 65. So many of my relatives and old friends are dying needlessly, but I doubt if they'll listen to me. Nobody wants to face their own mortality, so they'll take their statins and pretend everything is ok. The truth is that I've given up nothing; the food is fantastic!

Matt2584Star in reply to JAS9

I have no idea what my cholesterol is like, high or low, not sure. I don’t go to see the doctor no more. I don’t trust them.

I know that my cholesterol can’t be low cos if it was then I would be aging quicker and my body would slowly shut down.

My aunty has been on Statins for years and me and my mum can see her deteriorate clearly. She’ll just say it is a part of getting old. I don’t think so. It is a global agenda, that’s what it is.

Sorry to hear about members of your family that could have avoided these health problems.

I too have been there as well.

And if you are to tell these people to eat better then they won’t believe you.

It’s cos they are brainwashed.

JAS9 in reply to Matt2584

I'm not into conspiracies usually, but the big pharma companies love to find something they can sell to a LOT of people for a LOT of money, over and over and over again for the rest of their lives. Good business plan.

I think that people who take statins tend to believe that they're ok eating that extra bit of desert because they're taking a pill that keeps their cholesterol low enough. This is dangerous in so many ways. Instead of taking statins they should be out exercising, and eating good real food (not processed with added sugar and oil). But when your doctor tells you that you need to start taking statins like everybody else, for most people it's hard to argue. We are well-trained sheep.

Matt2584Star in reply to JAS9

Yes, well trained sheep, that’s the one.

And I and some of my family would rather go a different route to the rest of the flock :).

It’s like the goverment are the shepards and the mainstream media are the sheep dogs keeping us in line.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Matt2584

That’s a great comparison!😀

JAS9 in reply to Matt2584

"I know that my cholesterol can’t be low cos if it was then I would be aging quicker and my body would slowly shut down."

You don't have to worry about this any longer. Your liver makes all the cholesterol your body needs, and it adjusts the amount in your blood constantly. It can make it out of long-chain fatty acids (which are in almost all foods except some very low-fat veggies). As long as you have a healthy liver you should never run out of cholesterol. That's one worry off your plate, so to speak.

Kai-- in reply to Matt2584

Matt2584, kindly consider 🤔 viewing halfajob’s post ‘SCARED’ ( healthunlocked.com/healthye... ) discussing:

. . . • Cholesterol 🥓

. . . • Statins 💊

. . . • Diet 🥗 & lifestyle 🚶‍♂️ changes

. . . • Working with your physician 👨‍⚕️

. . . • Reputable references/ resources 📄 📹


🚫 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑


☺️ 🙏


Matt2584Star in reply to Kai--

Yes, I saw it Kai.

My answer to anybody asking about Statins, should they take them or not is no, don’t take them.

Your insides will slowly fall apart, you’ll age quicker.

Why is it that docs hand out Statins as if they were sweets?

To those that are still asleep they probably think docs care about you. They don’t care, well not all of them do. They care more anout their pay packet.

Kai-- in reply to Matt2584

I understand & respect your point of view, Matt2584. 🙏 😌

I see 👁 👁 where you’re coming from & how/ why your experience has shaped your views.

No worries. 😌 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞



The causes of disease are a complex mix of diet and lifestyle, there is no one single cause of disease. The leaflet is misleading.

benwl in reply to Penel

I agree.

Although I follow a low fat vegan diet myself, and believe there is increasing evidence as to its health benefits, grandiose statements like that, which are not justified by the evidence ultimately harm rather than advance the vegan cause (and the cause of healthy eating generally).

I think truth matters, and facts matter - even more so in a world where politicians feel able to make up 'alternative facts' when it suits them, and increasing number of people are going down the rabbit hole of science denial (eg climate change denial, vaccine denial).

Matt2584Star in reply to benwl

I know what I say about my diet causing my brain tumours is pretty outrageous and it’s not justified by evidence but it is my own thoughts.

I would not be surprised if it was to do with my diet.

If we could rewind the clock and I had a much better diet back then, no refined sugars, no fizzy drinks much more fruit an veg I wonder if I would still be diagnosed with brain tumours?

I certainly don’t believe that genes play a role.

As far as I know, nobody in my family has had a brain tumour.

There may be lots of scientific papers that back up the whole genetic thing but I don’t believe in a lot of science.

A lot of science is true but not all of it.

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