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Vegetable stew with gluten free vegan dumplings. 🌢πŸ₯¦πŸ₯•

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Hi everyone,

I guess its turning autumnal as I fancied some stew with dumplings today.

For the stew I used white onion red/orange/yellow sweet peppers curly kale tender stem broccoli carrots and green beans with ginger and peanut butter.

For the dumplings I used 150g SR gluten free flour

50g coconut oil

Coconut milk, enough to make a stiff dough

1 tea spoon baking powder

Table spoon of chia seeds


Sea salt

Mix to a dough and shape into small rounds, they will double in size whilst cooking and cook for about 15 mins on top of the stew.

I have to say that I enjoyed them and I made too many so had to put some in my freezer but these things happen...😊

9 Replies
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Wow, Jerry - your meal looks incredibly appetising. I love the light in that photo too - really makes it even more appetising. Full of colour, light, and nutrition. Lovely.

Zest :-)

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest the sun comes in my kitchen at just the right angle this time of year. 😊

That looks like a lovely meal and Filling with the dumplings. Stem brocolli is one of my favourites πŸ™‚

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Agoodenough

Thanks Ali, I love stem broccoli too and I felt like a filling meal. 😊

Looks delish! I was like you when I woke up in the morning and it was overcast so I took lamb out for a dinner! Boy was I sweating and sick of the sight of it by the time I’d cooked it with the roasted new potatoes, veg and gravy! Family enjoyed it but I couldn’t eat as I was too hot and irritable after slaving away in a hot kitchen πŸ˜‚ if I fancy a comforting meal again before the end Sept I think I’ll follow your lead and put a stew or casserole in the slow cooker!

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Henbur

Thanks Henbur it sounds like you were literally cooking in the kitchen and I'm sorry you didn't feel like your evening meal. 😊

Thank you 😊 it went from overcast and breezy to sunny and 24C but I was committed to the joint by then πŸ˜‚ even better the sun blazes through the kitchen windows In The afternoon

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

That looks amazing Jerry, those dumplings really caught my eye - yummy

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Thanks Debs I really like dumplings sometimes. 😊

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