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Got to lose weight to help to health problems

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Hello its Crunch time!

It has to be done but how do I start!!

Bit about myself first

I am 55 have High Blood Pressure (Be nice to get this under control) am taking Amlodopine & Indamapide. Also recently been diagnosed as having Endometrial Hyperplasia (not Atypical). I am on Norethisterone for this.

One thing the doctor said weigh loss would be a good thing to do. I will have another Biopsy in 6 months to check the situation of the lining of the womb whether the tablets have helped.

So now i need a lot of encouragement to try and lose some a lot of weight at least 8 stone.

I have tried weight watchers and SW but no good for me. so i think i just need a healthy diet ..........

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Hi jemimaPudlduck1, I love your user name, now you're in good company on here for all things healthy eating and exercise, so you will get a lot of encouragement from members.

My advice is to adapt your diet so you eat healthier versions of your favourite meals avoiding processed foods and sweets, grapes are a fantastic alternative to sweets as they pack a nutritional punch as well. This coupled with exercise you should be able to achieve your goals.

I'd also not try too hard and introduce exercise gradually so that you are aiming at a new lifestyle as the last thing you want to do is strain muscles.

It may seem daunting but you've taken the first step and here's a couple of other forums which might interest you and you will get lots of encouragement and support from them as well, so please see:

Good luck with your quest and you can do it and we will help.

Jerry 😊

Thanks I am struggling at the moment what with these tablets and i am sure they dont help the weight loss. so am finding everything twice as hard.

I am due to go to my daughters and she is a very healthy eater so maybe that will give me the kick-start i need

I have lost two stone in six months while being diagnosed with AF All I have done it portion control and use a smaller plate If my family had chips so would I but only a small handful Your mind thinks of the chips and eating a few satisfied mine I eat brown pasta and rice Add peppers to the rice and peas with little soya sauce instead of potatoes .Again if I have potatoes i have few small ones or have a jacket

Whenever you put something in your mouth if it is nutritionally a poor choice then even if it satiates your hunger in the short term your body will soon tell your mind you still need those nutrients. And so binge eating happens. So instead concentrate of healthier food choices.

If your kitchen has poor food choices in it, then I can guarantee 100% they will end up in your mouth. So this is also a story about buying better choices from the supermarket and clearing out your kitchen. Better, in my book, starts with removing processed foods.

You are so right.

A healthy foods programme and a calorie

limit. Good luck ,small steps is safest and best.

Hi Jemima

I hope the medication will help with the Endometrial hyperplasia.

One suggestion for losing weight when you are having these kind of problems with hormone levels is a Low(ish) Carb diet. It does not suit everyone, but may be worth a try.

Stick with the carbs that you get from vegetables, but eliminate all processed foods such as biscuits, cake, bread, pasta, as well as foods made with added sugar. You may find it helps you to cut out dairy products, but you need to make sure to get calcium and vitamin D from other sources.

Good luck with your health.

thank you will look up about the carb diet. I am struggling at the moment. Emotional times and i comfort eat

Sorry hear about your condition ..I've other health problems and need loose weight about 10 stone and pain I'm in doesn't help as disabled but I'm desperate need quick fix like yourself but I've just bought a treadmill to try help and cut down on food but wish could loose weight in a week ..all best and any advice plis share 👍🙂

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Cymromel

Hi Cymromel, this is quite an old thread, so I don't know if the OP is still around much! Have you signed up for the NHS weight loss section of the site at all? You'll find lots of motivation over there :)

I always advocate working more fruit and veg into your day-to-day as a good place to start. It's a great way to bulk of dishes and reduce calorie consumption. Just try to build up to eating 7 portions a day (more vegetables than fruit).

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basten in reply to Cymromel

Try reading the low carb high fat diet forum

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to basten

Hi Basten, this post is a year old, so I just thought I'd warn you that Cymromel may not still post here, or their circumstances might have scanned within the year :)

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