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Gluten free Vegan Banana Tart. 🍌

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Hi everyone, as this lovely sunny weather is continuing here's a banana tart I made today.

The base is a biscuit base using ground almonds, sesame seeds and plain gf flour 150g total with 75g coconut oil and 35g of coconut sugar, mixed into a dough and spread into a baking dish and baked.

The topping is 2 bananas blended with 250ml coconut milk and chia seeds to thicken it, which I left in the fridge before spreading onto the cooled biscuit base. I put slices of banana on top with a few raspberries just to pimp it up...😎

What I like about this is how healthy the ingredients are as there is only 35g of sugar and there's a few portions. The biscuit base is quite dark because of the coconut sugar so I'm sorry it's not easy to see.

And enjoy your evening now. 😊

13 Replies

Hi Hidden

Your Banana Tart looks REALLY good!!! :-)

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest, I enjoyed it 😊

Looks great Jerry and super healthy. The raspberries certainly pimp it up and it looks very moreish.

in reply to Agoodenough

Thanks Ali, I got the idea from your rhubarb and strawberry pudding 😊 because when I looked up recipes they used lots of icing sugar...🀒

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Agoodenough in reply to

Did you? Ha, that’s really good as your rhubarb creations had inspired me. πŸ™‚

in reply to Agoodenough

Hi Ali, I think that creativity feeds on creativity and your plant based cheese's and milk inspire me.

I love the thought of strawberries and rhubarb and there's some gorgeous local Cheddar strawberries for sale so thats high on my list now. 😊

Jerry this really looks delicious.

Do you have a savoury biscuit recipe using ground almonds?

in reply to Veeee

Hi Veee, thanks and I’ll sort out some recipes for you. 😊

in reply to Veeee

Hi Veee,

When I bake savoury biscuits I just omit sugar and add something savoury so I would make biscuits with coconut oil ground almonds and a gf flour and then add herbs and spices and chilli's are amazing in savoury biscuits. 😊

Here's a link to some great vegan gluten free crackers:

that looks and sounds spectacular.

I am slightly concerned about the 35g of sugar claim, given the coconut milk and fruit, but ot sounds so deliciou it seems churlish to even mention it

in reply to Rignold

Hi Rignold, thank you and you’re right as I used 35g of sugar so it was a flippant claim. 😊

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RignoldKeto in reply to

I wasn’t taking you to task.sorry if it sounded that way. Am just used to tight carb calculation for ketosis

in reply to Rignold

Please don't apologise Rignold, I don't argue with facts and you made a very valid point and I didn't see that as a sleight. 😊

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