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Gluten free raspberry tart.

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Hi everyone,

I made a basic sponge mix using gluten free flour and less sugar, let it cool made the jelly using vegan jelly as it seems healthier let it cool poured it on the sponge base then added a big punnet of fresh raspberries.

I'm going to have some with soy cream...😊

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Looks really tasty Jerry. Might give it a try 😊

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Awe thanks Hidden I'm looking forward to trying it. 😊

Mmmm nice! Did you poke a knife in the cake to let some jelly go inside it?

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Hey thanks SenateurDupont no the sponge is quite thin and some soaked in anyway. 😊

Hey thanks I haven't had jelly for years, I think that I needed something Summery. 🌞

Looks delicious, will save the idea for when my raspberries start fruiting. Thank you

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Thank you kitchengardener2 this with home grown raspberries would be divine. 😊

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Worth a try with other fruit, even canned peaches or oranges maybe. I use a slimming world recipe for a fatless sponge for apple puddings. I also make fruit gins, save the boozy fruit and make adult puddings.

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That sounds delicious Jerry and with soya cream - perfect!

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Thanks Debs I just craved a summery cheery pudding...and it worked. 😊

Looks delicious Jerry 😊

Thanks Veeee I love treats like this 😊

Now that does look good Jerry :)

Hey thanks Alicia I was pleased...😊

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