Plants you can eat

Hi all, very interesting article here.

It basically lists 52 plants you can eat. If you're not really into organic foods and the like, you probably won't get much out of the read, but ah well you might as well learn something. I've just moved into my own place, so I'm hoping to grow as many of these plants my local climate allows, as well as a few fruits. Enjoy!


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  • Hi Backtobasics95,

    I shall take a look at the article over the weekend, but I just wanted to say that it's great to hear you've recently moved into your own place, and I hope you settle in well and enjoy it. :-) Great that you're planning to grow some plants and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Fresh fruit and vegetables will be amazing! :-)

    I am growing a few things on the window sill at the moment - and that's unusual for me, as I don't often do that. But there is an aubergine, some dill, and some butternut squash that is showing signs of life. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Sounds great!😀

  • Thats fantastic zest :)

    I recommend growing strawberries. Very easy process and they look really good in the backyard.

  • I found this information very useful, thanks for sharing. I normally eat 3 plants out of those 52 which are dandelions, purslanes and wild blackberries which grow naturally in my hilly backyard. I do have milk thistles but I've never tried them yet.

  • Luckysugar that's great, my main intention of posting this thread was to spread awareness amongst people like yourself. Dandelion is definitely on my list of things I want to grow. I heard you can make tea out of it? I guess it's cool to know all these plants are edible, eventually when I go vegan I won't be so tempted to cheat when I have all these great plants in my garden.

  • Backtobasics95,

    Dandelion is such a wonderful plant and full of nutrients. They are easy to grow and because they are weed they seem to look after themselves in all seasons. But they still require good watering in summer though. Some people dry roast the roots and boil into dandelion tea. I normally eat the leaves and flowers raw with my salad or sometimes I make dandelion smoothie.

  • That sounds really good. I have heard eating the stem is really good for detoxifying the liver. It is said to be bitter tasting, but I suppose you could eat it only when you feel sick or recovering from a hangover. Either way they look good in any garden

  • That's true dandelions have bitter taste but with good seasoning or with salad dressing you won't taste much its bitterness.

  • I've heard that it is the central 'vein' in the leaf that is bitter. If you use just the parts of the leaf either side they won't taste as bitter.

  • Honestly I don't care much about that. I ate one today and it was really bitter but if you put it in a salad with dressing you'll be fine. Most important thing is to not cook it because you'll lose all the good stuff

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