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How many times do you eat healthy food per week?

Hi, if you could answer this question i'ld be very grateful, i'm trying to focus on this kink of food but i dont know very well how many times eat it. Thank you

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It may sound like a silly answer, but it's every meal, so that's about 3 meals a day 7 days a week :)

I'd turn your question around, and rather than think of how often one eats healthily, think of how often one doesn't and why.

For me healthy is the default, and unhealthy the rare exception.


That’s what I was going to say. I try and eat healthy most of the time but don’t beat myself up if I have the occasional treat - birthday cake or meals out that may not be as healthy as what I cook at home. I also treat myself to a couple of squares of dark chocolate now and again.


I agree with you benwl and Kaz747 - couldn't have put that better.

Zest :-)


Eating healthy is always my goal, every meal no matter where I am. I find that having a salad out is my solution to a too salty soup at a restaurant.


Hiya at leaset 5 days a week. Relax a bit at weekends. Bulk cook so I know what we are going to have for meals each day


all the time. being healthy should be a lifestyle not something you grudgingy force yourself to do. it’s much easier when you find better alternatives and learn to cook real food instead of getting the easy microwave stuff that isn’t fresh. vegetables can taste good if you know how to cook them and fortunately in this day and age, it’s easier to get vegan or vegetarian versions of things you already eat. hope that helps.

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I aim to cook healthy foods, with lots of vegetables, every day. I maybe eat out once or twice a month. I snack on fruit, vegetables, olives and nuts, but would probably have a little treat a couple of times a week, but I'm trying to stop getting back into the habit of eating sugar on a daily basis.


I think everyone thinks they are eating healthily. Something in the brain makes you think that. Even when you are having a slice of white bread toasted (poor carbs, and if toasted too much possibly carcinogenic) with lashings of butter (I am no fan of dairy or fats) and marmalade (poor carbs, possibly the worst sort) you can justify it because of the high it feeds into your brain.

For me healthy means effortlessly covering all my nutritional bases and minimizing foods that might cause me harm. So I buy organic veg when possible not so much because they have better nutrition, more because they have less pesticide residues...

I justify every mouthful that goes down my gullet. Once in a blue moon I will go off track and eat something much of the rest of the world consider standard fare.


Heh--we all define "healthy" differently, don't we? I eat keto, so I eat LOTS of butter, nuts, oil, eggs, cheese, grass-fed meat, green veggies only...

...whole grain bread or oatmeal or a bean or most fruit is a huge unhealthy no-no to me. But within my parameters--I pretty much never cheat!


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