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All this do eat this donot eat that this is wrong for you I find it is up to the person what they eat I know some things are wrong for some people but is it not up to the person what they eat there are a lot of things out there that are good for some people if they wish to lose some weight but there is a lot of money made by the so called heathy eating I just watch what I eat and not a lot I donot eat chips I have a fry up once a week all the works I go out every Sunday for a meal in the week I just watch what I eat and as I have said in my last post I am unable to do to much walking or any thing else well one or to things so come on do what I do just watch what you eat and not pay for things that some times do not work

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So you eat what you want and watch what you eat but you're unable to do any walking? Perhaps you need to watch what you eat a little closer. You can't cheat health. Even those that eat what they want because they keep fit and train hard will have to face up to the consequences of diet one day. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck


The choice of what we eat should also be made on informed decisions. Some foods disrupt our hormones that have a chronic effect on our health.

I'm not sure what you mean by watching what you eat but quantity is only one marker; quality is as/more important. Many people have grown up in the age of the high carbohydrate diet for instance because of the fear of fat, yet the body itself uses twice as much of its energy as fat that it does as carbohydrate, and the further we deviate from this ratio the more likely we are to suffer ill-health.


It is important to try to eat healthy, that doesn't mean you restrict yourself. I found when I eat 'what i want' It made me feel constipated and ill. I eat all the foods I love but cooked in a healthier way, I bake healthy snacks and eat wholemeal foods. I definitely feel better compared to before.

I don't see how anyone is making money, by us eating healthy? unless you mean weight loss and diet pills etc.

It's about finding the right balance, eat well for your body and keep fit. IT only benefits you in the end.

I sympathise with you that you can't do much walking. I suffer from a previous lower back injury (nerve wear & tear, disc compression and degeneration), and now stage 4 endo, so my exercise is kept to my limits, but I do not stop doing it.

I stick to yoga which works for me and I go swimming some days. Swimming is perfect for people in pain because of the gravity, you are much lighter in water and even just kicking your legs in the water, is something!

You can find plenty of stuff online, about what exercise to do even whilst sitting down, that won't strain you. This is by moving your legs and arms, while sitting. Walk to your limits, even around the house.


Thank you !


I seem to remember reading somewhere that you can do what you want but not all things are good for you.

That seems to be a good point to keep in mind whatever we do.

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