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Beginning to eat healthy

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Hi Guys,

Recently I have decided to try and eat healthy not only to lose some weight, but to improve overall lifestyle. I start out the day well with a smaller breakfast and a nutrient shake, Lunch I am watching portion controls. But at night i struggle with starting to overeat on everything. What can i do to help the cravings of the carbs and sugars? My healthy day is so easily ruined as soon as i get off work because i gorge myself at night on anything i can get my hands on. How can i get out of this groove?

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I know it is never easy trying to lose weight but I would say try a good breakfast and then launch and hopefully you will not feel like eating .such at dinner time. Good luck

If you cut your portions, you may need to eat more often. I would add in a snack at teatime or, failing that, on your journey home. I suspect what you are doing is arriving home absolutely starving and, as food is available, you eat it, as nature programmed you to do. The trick is to be ready for your next meal but not so hungry that you must eat NOW. I suspect your nutrient shake might be causing problems too. Depending on its contents. If you are making a smoothie, you would be better served by eating the fruit or vegetables, rather than a mush made out of them. If it contains anything else, cut it out. You are not likely to be short of protein or carbs unless you are eating very oddly. It might be taking your metabolism up in reaction to sugars and then leading to a later crash. Perhaps replace it with a fruit and a sugarfree low fat yogurt. Low fat dairy is surprisingly filling. Worth starting your dinner with a vege soup, homemade is good. Perhaps follow your main course (with an extra veg than usual) with a fruit and/or dairy pudding. You can even spread out these 3 courses, to take you through the evening. Hope some of these ideas hit the spot.

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Hiya, people's bodies respond differently, so you may need to do some juggling around to see what works for you. I eat lower carb than I used to but I need a small portion of low GI carbs either with my tea or an evening snack if I've had a small early tea, otherwise I'd get the cravings and a headache ☀️

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Hi Kelsey, when the 'munchies' strike, drink a glass of water. It'll fill you up for a while, without stoking up your cravings for bad food! Pop out for a short brisk walk, or phone a friend for a chat- anything which distracts you from thinking about eating!

Diversionary tactics work! Good luck!

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