Sudden food and mineral sensitivities possibly hypothyroid related, how do i get nutrition

Hello friends, in December after taking latuda i started getting really getting symptoms of hypothyroidism and possible Sjogrens, im getting blood test tomorrow, i got a severe PND and also started getting more and more thick stuck mucus and even sinus infection with allergy treatment, currently im not eating anything with iodine in it, i can only eat chicken, salmon, and some greens because nearly everything else thickens my mucus , and im scared to take a multivitamin because i cant find one without iodine, what dooo i dooo? Any help would be great, thanks alln


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  • I can't take a multi-vitamin because of the E in them also. You can get C with rosehips (might help with the sinus problem and allergy), D3 alone, Beta carotene for Vitamin A, and fish oil is one for Omega 3s.

  • Wow, thats gonne be expensive! Thanks for the tip rusti!

  • You're welcome. ? Here in US you can get Vitamin C for pennies. Look online, go to Amazon. Puritan's Pride is another site I purchase from. They do have lots of sales too, like buy 1 get 2 free etc.

  • Ooo, thanks so much! I will amazon for sure!

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