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How do I stick to healthy eating

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I know what I should be doing but can’t stick with it for even a day, not helping my mood swings re new HRT, I’m fine with exercising part but if anyone has any advice on how I can stick with eating healthily would be much appreciated x

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Hello Pebbles64 welcome to the community and you are not alone and what you need to do is change your relationship with food and fasting can help with this here's a link to HU fasting forum:

And here's a post about changing our relationship with food:

Good luck and do let us know how you get on.

Jerry 🌈😊

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Thank you so much for these links. I need a lot of help with eating. I have come down to eating once per day. I don't like cooking. I have lost a lot of weight because of my bad eating habit.

You must be doing something right, it’s good your loosing weight. My problem is comfort eating, which is mad as I just keep going round in circles as I’m cross that I’ve binged. Last 2 days I’ve been eating well & so is my mood, so I know it makes sense. Good luck

Actually I have the opposite problem from you. I need to gain some weight. The best way to lose weight is to stop eating!! My weight is way too low. I think it might be some form of anorexia but not the typical where you are worried about your weight. I just have no interest in food. I have to "make" myself eat to live. I hope you find a good balanced way to eat. That's what I'm trying to do.

Ah sorry I shouldn’t of assumed, it’s weird how our bodies are so different, I know my attitude to food needs to change. Good luck with piling on the weight x

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One of the big barriers I find with healthy eating, is that I think I need a sense of accountability to someone that isn't myself. I'm not very self-motivated. Do you think this could be an issue for you too?

If so, that's generally the premise behind groups like Slimming World, although I wish there was an easy way to achieve the same effect in our personal lives without the same rules and weekly fee :D

I've heard of people trying to reframe their mindset, for example thinking of healthy eating as "looking after their gut bacteria" or "being there for the grandkids", is that a possibility for you?

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It’s willpower with me, if I can get my head in gear I’m ok but if not, I don’t care until I do care. Today I’ve been good so that’s good! Thank u

Thank u, ive been doing 5:2 on & off, I do like it but then I loose it on the 5 day, so I’ve just got to find a balance. I have just started it again today, but have felt really hungry, I’ve had 800 calories. How long are you supposed to fast for? Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong? some of the articles I was reading they were fasting 60 hours!! Really?

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Lots of people fast for 14 hours at first its finding what works for you. Before you fast or diet you want to make sure that you're eating healthy foods so your body is well nourished as this makes fasting dieting easier, because many people are over fed and under nourished...

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Thank you, that’s sounds doable, is that every day?

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It’s up to you some people fast week days others ever other day, it does our bodies good to not eat for at least 12 hours as this puts our bodies in fat burning mode, so fasting is worth checking out. 😊


I am in the same boat as you. Especially in this lock down it’s really hard. I feel comfort eating is the solution to good food. I really want to lose weight. If I don’t eat in 3-4 hours I get headaches. Plus I got health issues as well.

Hope there is a way we can lose weight

I thought I was doing a fast day yesterday but when I added up my calories it was 1200 so will try fast day today. Good luck, I found the article abt changing relationship with food interesting

Register on here,

Teach yourself how to use the site, it's pretty easy. It focuses and motivates you to stick to what you want to do, works for me anyway, it's like a drug.

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Thank u I’ll give that a go

It's great. I've lost 2 stone since February and I plan to lose another 2.5 stone by year end. It's got a large data base of foods you usually eat so when you start typing it'll make suggestions. If your food isn't in the data base you can input it yourself. Decide how much you wish to lose over what period and it will tell you how many calories a day you shouldn't exceed. You can also enter any daily exercise as well which will credit you with calories.Good luck.

I know what you mean ... I’ve not long started HRT due to surgical menopause. I have good days and not so good days ... very dependent on how I’m feeling as to what I eat. Exercise does help as I feel a lot better after, doing Couch to 5k atm 😊

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