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gluten sensitivity and eating healthy, dilemna.

I joined this group specifically to ask some health/food questions. With the new year My fiance and I are trying to get back to being healthy. We used to do a strict paleo/natural eating diet (protein was present but not in large portions, more about the veggies with some fruit).

i lost 50 pounds doing it, she didn't lose much but she did feel better.

last few months due to holidays and stress we have been eating mostly whatever we want, and we started doing whole wheat muffins with 1/5 slices of bacon and some creamcheese for breakfast. This was to get her to eat breakfast, now she eats it but we want to move away from breads. She appears to have a gluten sensitivity and it gives her indigestion and fatigue.

for me breads lead to bloating big time (at least any i have tried)

So we have been looking for gluten free, dairy free, bread free breakfast options.

But i dont want to do something like eggs, bacon, hashbrowns...that sounds so heavy and greasy. im ok with a protein of either a small amount of eggs OR bacon. and id rather leave potatoes alone personally (i dont like potatoes really).

as you can see this starts to get complicated. All i have found online for this type of stuff is either fat on fat (eggs+bacon+something else heavy) or sugar on sugar (brown sugar+maple syrup+fruit=overkill imo)

at this point im contimplating eating a carrot, an apple, and a slice of bacon! >.>

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I have celiac disease so absolutely no gluten for me. I love this website for fun breakfast ideas, #9, 12 and 14 are my personal favourites. Good luck and have fun.


Porridge. The best breakfast. With fruit. Raisins, banana. Or fresh fruit like blueberries.

It fills you up till lunch time, is very good for bowels and digestion.

Do try


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Make sure it's organic oats. Store bought one if you read ingredients says could have wheat. cross contamination!!! Interesting read about foods today as they are not the same as even 20 years ago.


I usually eat plain oatmeal with diced apples and cinnamin and nutmeg, or i make eggs with spinach omelette. An easy way on workday morninwg is to t beat 2 eggs with almond milk in a microwave sfe bowl. Add the cooked spinach and microwave for 5 minutes. Buckweat is another alternative for a hot cereal (its gluten free).

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Gluten free muesli?


Granola and yogurt: really easy to make in advance using organic jumbo oats and whatever seeds you'd like with honey (and cinnamon) and baked. I make a very basic one and then the family can add what they want (one likes roasted nuts one likes dried fruit.


Hi there, I know it's not really breakfast but I use a recipe company which actually only does gluten and dairy free recipes. Really good for dinners and if you order extra you can have them for lunches too! You can check them out here: and if you use the code FIELD you'll get 25% off your first box, it's an easy way to eat dairy and gluten free without having to think about it!


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