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Boiled egg with home baked gluten free brown bread toasted.

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Good morning everyone,

I do like an egg for breakfast and eat eggs in many ways for breakfast, I particularly like poached and boiled eggs and enjoy scrambled eggs occasionally. But know that an egg for breakfast can give us energy throughout the day.

As we are in week 2 of Cooper27 sugar challenge I’ve been baking bread without using sugar and it’s easy as every ingredient is for a reason either taste or structure.

I hope those participating are enjoying and benefiting from the sugar challenge and think we should do the same with salt as too many people unwittingly consume too much salt and sugar. It’s the price we pay for eating convenient foods sadly.

I find the brown gluten free bread flour mixes don’t rise as well and like both so often bake with half white and half brown mixes.

As it’s a bank holiday Friday in the U.K. those taking to the roads take care and be patient as I imagine there will be a lot of people on the road this weekend as it’s been so oppressive living during the pandemic so the need to get away from it all is understandable, that we want to have some sun and fun.

So have fun take care stay safe and help keep everyone else safe and enjoy the May BH. 🌞

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Good morning Jerry. Another novel egg cup! I like eggs too but limit myself to 4 per week. I'm not overly keen on scrambled eggs but like them poached, boiled or an omelette with tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms.

I hope you have a good bank holiday weekend and fingers crossed that the weather will be kind ☀️😊

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And good morning to you Dovedale4 thank you and like most people I'm quite predictable with my habits. I used to worry about my egg consumption as I use eggs to replicate gluten in bread but having had my cholesterol checked twice after eating an egg for breakfast for some time I was pleased that my cholesterol levels are really low with the LDL being less than half the HDL. And the second time it was even lower. We have to eat whats a healthy ballanced diet that suits our bodies and our needs.

You enjoy the weekend and I think its going to be a warm sunny one. 😎🍦

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Hi Jerry, I see you have different displays for your boiled egg. 😁 I absolutely love the idea of salt challenge. 👍There’s so much sodium in everything and we need to raise our awareness and stop adding additional salts into our food. 🙅‍♀️ Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend Jerry! 😊🙏🌺

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Hey thanks Koko and there is a lot of added salt so it’s something to think about.You enjoy the rest of your day now and your weekend with your friends. 😊

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Hi Hidden Lovely - I hope you have a really enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend.

Zest :-)

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Thanks Zest i hope that you enjoy your weekend too. 😊

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