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Hi folks there were some very interesting replies to 'other' on our poll on healthy snacks so I've compiled them together, thank you to everyone who contributed and please feel free to add more as well.

Other Healthy Snacks:

The raw fruit bars are amazing and the ones I made this week are the Shanibars -

The other ones I have made are Chef John's Chocolate Energy Bars-

Both of the above recipes are absolutely gorgeous and I use cacao powder in both recipes.

More raw bars vegan;

I try to be sugar free so make flapjacks with bananas oats and peanut butter. I buy dates to use to sweeten things and don’t have any dairy.

Oat bran topped with dried fruit and ground nuts and soya or oat milk

Frozen grapes

Carrots & celery strips with peanut butter.

When I was running I used to make little balls of sushi rice wrapped in seaweed with a dollop of miso paste or plum jam in the middle as run snacks to keep my energy up.

These days: fat free Greek yogurt, venison jerky, hard boiled eggs and protein shakes.

Grenade Carb Killa bars. I like the Caramel Chaos ones best. 22g protein and only 2g sugar. tastes like a 'proper' chocolate bar.

Puffed chick peas, vegan, and gluten free:

No added sugar cake recipe:

This is quite a good recipe similar to the dried fruit bars:

Kitten-whiskers' "Jamaican Banana Bread: No Gluten, Sugar or Yeast":

The photo is a high protein pancake made with one egg and one banana. 😊

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avoid-sugar profile image

Thank u for sharing Jerry.😊

i keep on missing these polls Jerry.. i am 7 hours ahead of you but i do look through post and i still haven't seen one..

i like to add to this poll please.

i have 5 or so bars of dark 70/80 % chocolate that is so bitter i cant eat them...thought they be nice after reading that so many eat it on here.

i am now determined to lose 10 killos in weight, so how can i turn this healthy chocolate into something i can eat and still keep it healthy?

in reply to

Hi happycook, the polls are on the home page on the RH side 😊 please see:

in reply to

ok thanks.. i had a look it was 4 days ago ...dont know where i was and missed it.. will read through it when i hve time thanks..

1am now and i think i will call it day..night night.

Zest profile image

Hi Hidden ,

I am looking forward to completing that Poll tomorrow - and it's great to see this list of snacks here - really good. :-)

Some great ideas and suggestions there.

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest, it was suggested during the poll that 'others' were listed. So If you have others then just edit this post if you like.

Jerry 😊

Zest profile image
Zest in reply to

Thanks Hidden - I've edited it just to include my cake recipe - as it's my 'go-to' healthy snack, which works well for me personally. :-)

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest, the poll was not only a great idea but it also created this amazing list of healthy snacks.

If you'd like you can add a picture of your fruit cake, snacks and as a collage as you do them so well, so the photo's represent a combined effort, like the post, its up to you.

Jerry 😊

Zest profile image
Zest in reply to

Wow, that would be fun - I'd enjoy doing that - consider it done - I'll do a collage. :-)

It will appear later. :-)

Zest :-)

Hi again - just been thinking about it - I don't think I can do a collage to include everyone's photos - I can only do a collage of my own snacks - and I actually love your photo, Hidden - I think it's perfect as it is - you've got a few examples of yummy snacks there - I hope you agree, maybe we can stick with yours - it's great! :-)

in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest, just a thought without thinking about the practicalities so we'll forget that then LOL.

And hanks for the compliment about my photo, I like the egg cup too. 😊

Zest profile image
Zest in reply to

Lovely egg-cup! :-)

Activity2004 profile image

Really fantastic job, Hidden !πŸ˜€πŸ‘

in reply to Activity2004

Thank you Leah 😊

Activity2004 profile image
Activity2004Administrator in reply to

You’re welcome!πŸ˜€

The power is out here, so I don’t know when I will get back on the group (low battery for the phone). Will try to be in touch with you and everyone soon.πŸ˜€

in reply to Activity2004

Just take care Leah 😊

Activity2004 profile image
Activity2004Administrator in reply to

Never had a problem with the electricity here at home, but my brother still has no electricity for his place.

Oh, that sucks ! Luckily, gales died down, managed to get out without blowing away. Roll on Sunday, when the temperature goes up. Great list, Jerry. :-) so relaxing and peaceful, just how I like. . .

in reply to

Thanks anothermemeber and listing other snacks was your suggestion so thanks for that too. 😊

Cooper27 profile image

This is quite a good recipe similar to the dried fruit bars:

There are others on the same website, but that's my favourite!

in reply to Cooper27

thanks Cooper27, I've updated the snack list with this 😊

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