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Intolerant to dairy and eggs would also like to lose weight

Hi, I'm new to the site. I've recently had a private blood test that shows I am intolerant to eggs and dairy and borderline intolerant to beef. The reason I had the test was because I have been experiencing stomach pain after eating. I was on omeprazole prior to the blood test which did help. The doctor wanted me off those so hence the blood test. I have for the last couple of weeks or so been dairy and egg free. However I am still experiencing pain in stomach after meals. I have tried Gaviscon, Rennie, bicarbonate of soda in warm water. The doctor said before Christmas next step would be a camera down my throat.

I would also like to lose some weight.

Any suggestions re diet very welcome please. Cheryl

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Have you been tested for a gluten intolerance/wheat issue? I'm gluten free because i can't eat wheat or food made with wheat since I'm wheat/gluten sensitive. Anytime I eat something made with wheat, I start to have severe cramps that make it hard for me to move. Ever since I went gluten free, I've felt a lot better and not much cramping. Please check with your doctor.

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The diet that I am using is the low carb diet. It is very good. I just means eat more veg and protein but less carbs. I always read the back of the packet to see how much carbs. In the low carb diet the fruit you can eat are berries. Eggs help in loosing weight but you can eat fish or meat instead.


If you are still experiencing pain after a couple of weeks then it's unlikely that eggs and dairy are the problem. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence that blood tests for food intolerance are accurate. Allergy, yes but intolerance, no. I too have suffered with digestive problems for years and also paid privately (couple of hundred pounds) for blood tests which also showed I was 'intolerant' to eggs and dairy (and also wheat, with a number of borderline foods). Like you I cut them all out for months, lost a great deal of weight but felt no better. Had my gallbladder removed which made it worse, had gastroscopy which showed gastritis and duodenitis and prescribed PPIs but which also made it worse. I have found the medics no help at all in trying to find the cause, offering only surgery or pills and so have gone my own way trying to find the root of the problem. Only way to resolve it is to keep a food diary and record everything you eat in detail including all the ingredients in ready prepped or processed foods. It has taken me 3 years of meticulous record keeping to finally discover that the cause of my long term digestive problems are vegetable oils. They are in practically everything we eat in one form or another. I finally made the connection about 6 weeks ago and since cutting them all out of my diet am feeling much better. My weight has improved and I am now able to eat all the foods I was allegedly intolerant to without any problem. I now cook with butter, lard or dripping, eat only locally sourced artisan sourdough bread and cook everything from scratch with no oils whatsoever. Keeping a dairy is a very time consuming and disheartening task and you feel that you will never get to the bottom of it - but you will. Record foods eaten in one column - in detail, every ingredient - and 'symptoms', 'time' and 'duration' in another and soon a pattern will emerge. Unfortunately I found that the expensive private blood test I had convinced me that eggs, dairy and wheat were the problem and prevented me from finding the real demon for quite some time. So, take heart, ignore the blood test and keep a food diary.

Take care.


Hello! I am in a similar boat to you... I am intolerant to eggs, milk and most meats as well as some food colourings! I suggest being referred to a dietitian and starting a food diary.... I know food diaries may seem like a lot of work but it may help identify any other problems... I also have iBS so keeping track of what I eat helps.... I suggest going on a mainly vegetarian diet as that should help aid digestion... drink plenty of water, you'll feel better and it will help loose weight... make sure you eat on a morning and get exercise when you can... try and get fruit and a touch of nuts in your diet (I know nuts contain some fats but you need some fats in you're diet so you get the right nutrients) avoid alcohol especially beer... if you want to have a treat, Sainsbury's are good for pointing out what's in their food and they have their own dairy free/vegan range and as do Tesco, m and s and adsa... I recommend Swedish Glasce ice cream and Linda maccartney range as well... also spices and herbs (if you are not allergic to them that is) are you're best friends in cooking and as are beans and pulses as they bulk out meals, are cheap and add so much flavour!

I'd get on to you're doctors... I hope things bet better and I hope this helps...