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Bloated feeling with pain down left side of stomach


Hi all

Over the last 6 months I've been experiencing bloated feeling with pain . At the end of the day, my stomach is tender and often hard down the left side. I eat a well balanced diet but have recently put on a good stone in weight which I can't shift. I've also been recently diagnosed with an under active thyroid. Is there any link or are other people experiencing the same and can offer advice re pain and weight gain.

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There could be several different causes of this, you really need to see your doctor to find out if this is a medical condition which needs treating. if you find out a cause someone who has experienced the same thing might be able to make suggestions but it could be dangerous for someone who has no medical knowledge and does not know what's wrong with you to give advice on an Internet forum. Good luck.

I have a little advice that did wonders for me. That is the doctors Hays diat.

In a nut shell don't eat carbs and protein at the same meal. I read the book.

Made a lot of sence. 👍👍

Won't harm owt.

Go for it. 😜

Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to Rocketronzy

The diet you mention wouldn't do any harm, but the symptoms Pebs130 describes could potentially be something that really does need diagnosing and treating, if you have already seen a doctor and anything concerning has been ruled out by all means try a different way of eating to see if it helps.

Pebs130 in reply to Fran182716

Thanks for your replies. I've been reading around under active thyroid and there is a suggestion that having a digestive issues could be potentially linked. I just wondered if anyone was experiencing the same. I would be particularly interested if there was also a link to weight gain.

Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to Pebs130

Underactive thyroid can cause weight gain, which can be lost again once thyroid well controlled though that can take a little while to find correct dose of medication. But the abdominal pain and bloating can be symptoms of other conditions too so please do get this checked out.

Hi :)

As others have said, it would obviously be best to get this checked out with your Doctor.

That being said, I just thought I'd let you know that I have IBS and this sounds very similar to what I feel like at the end of the day when my IBS flares up. Bloated, uncomfortable, tender/hard (sometimes painful) low down on the tum and always down the left hand side. I know the Doctor tested me for a number of other more serious things as well before I was diagnosed with IBS so definitely check it out with your Doctor.

I hope you get it sorted soon!

Pebs130 in reply to MichelleD26

Thanks for your comment Michelle. I also thought it might be IBS too and am presently using the FODMAP to try and identify foods. I have constant constipation. Is this something you experience too?

benwl in reply to Pebs130

Do get a doctor to check this out.

I was diagnosed with C type IBS after a long period of constipation and stomach cramps. The FODMAP diet did help but ultimately I switched to a low fat vegan diet and that has pretty much sorted it. A key to solving the constipation was a big increase in fibre consumption.

MichelleD26 in reply to Pebs130

I do yes, you can go either way with IBS but I always deal with the constipation side of it (my poor mother always gets the other side and it's much worse, bless her!)

You could continue with the FODMAP diet but I would also recommend slowly increasing the amount of soluble fibre in your diet. Soluble fibre softens stools making them easier to pass and can be found in foods like oats, beans and pulses, bananas and apple's, nuts, carrots and potatoes (and loads of other things) making sure you drink enough water and exercise regularly does help too.

I would still recommend going to see the Doctor, I know I was checked for Crohn's Disease as well which is much more serious, as far as I'm aware you tend to suffer diarrhea and weight loss with Crohn's. Still definitely worth getting checked out though!



1) calprotctin test to diagnose ibs or otherwise.

2) go grainfree esp wheatfree for some time say 3 months and watch the effect.

Let's all know the result of getting wheat/ grain free.

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