Hi from a newbie

Hi from a newbie

A brief history - have managed to upload more than 30kg since treatment for Graves Disease. It has been both a physical and mental struggle to come to terms with where I am now. Because I know that only I can change this, there are various options I have explored to deal with this. None has been successful.

I am hoping that by coming here, not only can I get some help/support, but also help anyone else who is in a similar situation.

Best wishes to all and hope you have a wonderful day.


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  • Hey by uploading 30 kg you mean?

  • Packed on the weight :)

  • Hi babe patricia here your not a lone here we all have autoimmune diseases that we hate mine is that horrible ibs & now coeliac disease the pain that never goes & never far away from the toilet I lost loads of weight with this coeliac disease becouse I suffered for ten yrs thinking it was ibs untill I got so ill & had to have a urgent blood transfusion becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients it was the doctors to blame so just take each day as it cums babe becouse that is all we can do & remember that you can cope with it from our support were allways here take care patricia

  • Hi and thanks for that. Also have IBS-D mainly. Know where all the toilets are esp when have to go out. So sorry that you have Coeliac as I know how much it impacts on your life - shopping, cooking and eating out (even at friends/family). A very sorry set of affairs.

    In some ways it is good to know that I am not alone, but in others feel so bad that there are so many dealing with so many and varied problems.

    Take care too and hope you have a good week Patricia



  • Thanks jenny babe you too my twin has that divicurtistis & she now takes loperamide for the dyria they help her a lot she takes two a day they help her when she has to go out becouse she was so depressed and cudent plan any days out she gets a lot of pain like us but I always say to her take each day as it cums patricia

  • Imodium is brilliant and do use it when needed. I have recently been prescribed Colofac which is supposed to help with the discomfort. It has been awesome and not only helps with the discomfort but has relieved the IBS-D to a huge extent. Seems to me that it slows the peristalstis down which is wonderful. May be worth a try. Good luck

  • Hi jenny patricia here how are you hun I was on colofac for the spasms for ibs for a long time they helped me a bit but my pains got a lot stronger & lasted longer but then I was losing a lot of weight & felt so ill untill I was told it was coeliac disease now but that ibs is alfull pain so stay strong & take each day as it cums babe patricia

  • Are you on any medication for the Graves disease? Or have you had your thyroid removed? What are your thyroid levels? If they are now low you may find it really difficult to lose wight until your levels are in a good place.

    May be an idea putting up a post on the ThyroidUK forum.

  • Hi and thank you for the info.

    Some years ago I had Radioactive Iodine as the meds were making me really ill. Although I felt better initially, the weight soon started to pile on and we had a bit of a problem stabilising things. My levels of TSH & T3 seem to be ok however T4 was a bit high at last test this year. Have been stabilised (or as good as it has gotten), on 150mcg Thyroxine, except for a 3 month period when the stupid Dr I was seeing at the time reduced it to 100mcg.

    Once again many thanks.

  • There are certain vitamins and minerals that help with the conversion of T4 to T3, maybe a deficiency in some or all maybe causing problems too. B12, Vit D, Ferritin and Folate should all be high (not just in range!)

    Its a good idea getting copies of your blood results to see where you are in the range and compare it to how you feel. If your T3 levels are too low (for you) then you will find it difficult to lose weight.

  • Thank you for clarifying that - my doctor seems to think all is ok even though I keep telling him that I am tired, sluggish, have brain fog, etc. I know that things aren't as good as they should be and I asked about using T3 also but not interested in prescribing it.

    Am using Vit D, Vit B complex and Magnesium.

    What approximately should my levels of Ferritin and Folate be?

    Some years ago I had an iron infusion at the hospital as iron levels were extremely low but no problems since.

    Once again thank you so much for all your help.

  • You need to have your B12 tested too. Folate and ferritin levels about halfway, is a good start.

    Before thinking about T3 I would get any deficiencies sorted as you may still have problems if your levels are low.

    If you have gut problems these should be researched too.

    When you get your most recent results (with ranges) put up a post in the thyroiduk forum and members, more experienced than me, can comment and advise.

  • Silver_Fairy I have managed to access some of my results - please help with decyphering them.

    Free T4:19.0 pmol/L ( 7.0-16.0 ) H

    TSH:0.88 mU/L ( 0.3-5.0 )

    HbA1c (IFCC):39 mmol/mol

    Vitamin B12:528 pmol/L ( 140-650 )

    Folate:20.7 nmol/L ( 7.0-45.0 )

    Sorry but all I can find.

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