Hi I am a newbie

Hi All, need a little help please I am seeing on all packaging Carbohydrates which are of sugar??? When I am looking for low fat food seems to be high in Sugar and vice versa. I am unable to do much exercise etc because of my spine. I was a Vegetarian but now eat Salmon, Plaice & Cod, Haddock & recently Turkey Breast cooked & Chicken cooked. Plus am cooking them fresh as well. I can't have spicy food & to much garlic due to Urticaria. But I need to lose one and half stone :( Any recipes gladly received please. I was going to do Weight watchers but it seems to much food to me plus I like my porridge & skimmed milk every day occasionally toast with Benecol Light spreadable. Been having a Bagel Thin with a cup of decaf earl grey at 4pm-ish cinnamon & raisin (better than biscuits I read) like tea cakes. Hope this message is not to long and look forward to chatting on here. p.s. I have read some of the stories on here really interesting. Ttfn Karen


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  • Hi Kazzy,

    Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. There is an app by Change4Life which might be helpful to you in finding out the amount of sugar etc in foods - not sure if you've seen it, but here's a link incase you want to have a look:


    There are some Healthy recipes to look at in the topics section - so do have a look.

    I hope you'll enjoy the community and I hope you have a great weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest I will have a look. Have a lovely weekend. X

  • Porridge, good. Oats are a slow release energy good for the heart and keep you fuller longer. Maybe an apple and some almonds at 11ish, low fat Greek yogurt, Lunch, cold salmon salad. I say this because if you are working, you can take it with you. Grill the salmon fillet skin side up first. Dinner cod, or haddock. Season and put in a pot with a two tablespoons of water and tiny bit of butter on top. Lid on and low fire until you see steam coming out. Or if you have a steamer put it in a bowl and rest it in that. Have with a couple of tablespoons of rice and veg. Don't be afraid of carbs or have them at lunch instead. I never eat turkey but I like my chicken with sweet potato and fennel. Sweet potato lower in carbs than white potatoes. When I cook these next I'll send you some photos. If you have a family you needn't cook different meals just modify them a little. If they don't like rice they could have cod with cheesy mash and veg(its hearty).

    Hope this is of some help

  • Hi Ailsa, thanks this is all really helpful. So I could swop my apple for then what I have been doing is having my fruit after my evening meal usually Apple,plum & satsuma. But I then want something snacky not long after having the fruit? I have been having a large bowel of naughty cornflakes with skimmed milk about 9pm as I am late to sleep person. Iol

  • If you need a bedtime snack, try a 30 gram protein bar. They will hold you over night.

  • In what world are cornflakes naughty?

  • Cornflakes are a wholly manufactured food frequently produced from GM maize (Corn) with very little nutritional value. A consultant surgeon friend said to me that it would do me less harm to chop up the packet and eat it!

    Try a five cereal muesli which you can buy loose from many whole food shops. If you want to add some sweetening add some raisins. Most folk like it with milk but I very much like the fresh taste of grapefruit juice on my muesli. If it's too sharp for you have orange juice.

    As for skimmed milk, leave it alone; it has had the fat soluble vitamins A, E and D removed and has been ruined by pasteurisation. Drink only whole milk and if possible unpasteurised; raw milk with all the goodness you need for good health. We have been drinking raw milk for 30 years!

  • A health conscious one sistersukes?

  • Really? Are they that bad? I always thought they were pretty harmless

  • I'm sure anyone that wants to sell them would be proud of what the marketing has achieved over the years.

    It's junk that has to be put through a machine to make it edible though? Fortifying it masks how lacking in goodness it is. Did you see one of the food programmes where they were able to lift corn flakes with an electro-magnet because of the added iron?

    As if that weren't enough, they are high-glycaemic, disrupting hormonal balance faster than table sugar; a real hidden sugar, along with other processed cereals like wheat biscuits, wheat that is shredded, or rice cakes?

  • I genuinely didn't know any of that. I don't eat them because they're horrible. Now completely wreck my kids' lives and tell me how bad Weetabix is!

  • Please refer to my previous reply, reference 'wheat biscuits'; the real hidden sugar.

    Several years ago I complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the aforementioned cereals that ran a campaign claiming they provided sustained energy. The sustained energy was actually due to milk (which not everyone has with them of course). The complaint was upheld; the campaign was just superseded.

  • Flipping heck! Back to porridge and my home made granola then.

  • lmho well a morning of food health advice all. Oh no my rice cakes oh dear. Electro magnetic that's scary. We Just do not know what we are putting into our body's. Did anyone see The Sugar Free Farm? When they showed what rubbish and danger in low fat spreads. So the outcome of that all is good back to Goodd old Butter and full fat milk. But what about my Cholesterol I ask😞🤔😶 xx

  • I had a scan last year because my wife wanted to see what all this cheese, double cream and meat fat that I have been eating for years as part of a low-glycaemic diet is doing to me. The outcome was that I have zero calcification, despite my hereditary susceptibility.

  • Hi Concerned I Just visited your page and found it very interesting especially about GI My late Grandad who passed many year's ago with heart and stroke history. My dear Mum and Friend she passed Christmas Night so very raw at the moment both had dietary diabetes. Mum suffered heart failure in 2013 bless her with tlc we got a bonus of 3yrs. So I am looking at what you are saying. I have Just had a full bloods done last week plus I have underactive thyroid awaitingthe results. But maybe I should be on a type 2 diet?? I am getting confused with everything to be honest. I am or was thinking about removing my benecol light spread maybe only have a tablespoon a day to good old Butter but does it mean a block only like the good old days or is spreadable butter okay. 🤔😶

  • To make your butter spreadable, keep it in a butter dish, not in the fridge.

    The claim that people with diabetes don't need a special diet is true; everyone would benefit from just eating real food and getting more than twice as many calories from natural fat compared to low Gi carbs phcuk.org/booklets/

  • Thanks concerned I bought spreadable for now without vegetable oil 😊

  • You don't mention any veg or fruit but your diet seems to be very carb based. Carbs are the culprits when putting on weight. Good fats are essential in your diet - just consider the mediterranean diet. Don't bother with low fat spreads - go for natural spread like butter. Consider nuts and seeds as part of your diet.

    Here is something you could try for tea: fruit with walnuts & yoghurt.

    You seemed to be reading labels which imply you are eating processed foods. Avoid these when you can and cook more for yourself.

    As for exercise, try Tai Chi. It is important to keep the body mobile. Tai Chi is very gentle on the body and aerobic which is very surprising given the slow movements.

  • I have peeked at the Mediterranean way of eating I will look into it more. I have vegetables with my evening meal broccoli, peas spinach etc.. Fruit I have been having about an hour after evening meal apple, plum & satsuma but as I mentioned to Ninn I get hungry and hour later think I need to forget the cornflakes at 9pm ish. Thank you 👍

  • I symptahise with your position. I changed my diet due to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was not overweight but obviously eating too much of the wrong things. I now eat more healthy fat from olive oil, nuts and avocado etc, and have cut out as much sugar as possible, which is also responsible for high cholesterol and the main cause for any time I gain weight. I too enjoy porridge or scrambled egg for breakfast. I have a large bowl of steamed veg for lunch every day and eat all grains, pasta and bread wholegrain. I lost several pounds and seem to eat more. If you like a piece of cake look up Justine Patersons sugar free brownie on bbcfood.com. you can adapt this recipe by using apple, carrot, parsnip or squash instead of sweet potato, and swapping the cocoa for ground almonds, using some wholemeal flour and adding different spices, to make a variety of healthy desserts. Slightly under ripe banana make a good snack, they are filling and contain resistant starches, which are not all absorbed during digestion, so contain less calories. There is also a list of these foods online which you could include in your diet, good luck, I think the 'secret' is sticking to unprocessed food in its most natural state and cutting the sugar. Think of the war time diet, people were slimmer and healthier. Remember that there are lots of people who offer advice for eating sugarfree, but whose recipes contains huge amounts of pureed dates, honey etc. These are also sugars.

  • Thanks Ninn that's really helpful. When you say large bowel of veg do you mean like broccoli spinach etc..I can't eat raw cucumber & pepper's which is a nuisance. I thought bananas were full of sugar so stopped them used to have one with my decaf earl grey. My hubbie got me sainsburys rice cakes individual packets this morning for when I get desperate in the evening. I'm not a cake eater or baker really Ninn. I like your idea of vegetable lunch 👍 what about your evening meal though Ninn that's when I pile on the steamed veg? X

  • More veg! For lunch I have about 250g, mixing up sliced sprouts, brocolli, cabbage,frozen peas, and broad beans, leeks and something orange like sweet potato or carrot.for dinner yesterday I had an aubergine bake, with tomatoes, herbs, mushrooms and mozzarer, with green veg. Today I had a mushroom stroganoff with cabbage and brown rice. Two or three times a fortnight I may have chicken or wild salmon, but usually in small amounts as part of a mainly veg dish. If I want a snack I usually have brown rice cakes and nut butter. Im a peanut butter addict!

  • Thanks Ninn well it's been day one for me. Plus I am using food I already had so I am looking forward to buying new food next week more tailored for me plus Dinner my hubbie & I usually eat the same me smaller portions but need to adjust it for him. His not well at the moment waiting to see a new Consultant been going on since October. Phew...but I am determined to do the 12wks & keep going at it. I would love to get back to 11stone and a half or less. Is the Mushroom Stroganoff from the meal ideas? Thank so so much. X

  • Hello Kazzy17. You've had some really good advice from other correspondents already but I would like to add to or confirm what others have said.

    1. Try and avoid snacking between meals so as to give your system a rest. Eat well on slow release foods at the three meals.

    2. If you are reading packets you have revealed that you are using processed products. Eat fresh food and I don't see any vegetables in your food. Green vegetables are very important but don't over cook them. Fresh cabbage for example cooks quickly in very little boiling water with a little salt in 3 - 4 minutes. Save the water to add to your soup.

    4. Stay away from Benecol and any other of the manufactured spreads. There's nothing wrong with butter we've been eating it for hundreds of years, why should it suddenly be bad for us?

    5. Don't eat white flour products that includes buns, bagels etc but eat proper wholemeal bread not the rubbish they sell in the supermarkets and any other bread-like products made with wholemeal flour. They are slow release. Have a look at healthscams.org.uk/bake-you...

    6. Rice, yes, but brown rice. It does take longer to cook but it tastes good. You can buy it loose.

    7. Whole unpasteurised milk if you can get it otherwise full cream milk; skimmed milk has had the fat soluble vitamins A, E, & D removed. D is important for bone health.

    As an aside, sugar raises the cholesterol level but do you know why? It causes injury to the blood vessels which then need to be repaired. Cholesterol is a repair medium and will arrive at any place in the body where injury occurs. Have a look at: healthscams.org.uk/heart-su...

    I hope I've helped.

  • In my recent post where I describe the action of sugar I should have made it clear that it is the concentration of sugar as in cystaline sugar or sugar added to food not sugars present naturally in fruit and some vegetables.

  • Wow what an eye openor interesting read. So a little vegetable lard would be better than rapeseed spray & Butter? Am I understanding this right please 🤔

  • Butter is fine as are animal fats, we've used them for hundreds of years and they were not making us ill then. We use duck fat when needed. One more site to read if you've not found it already :http://www.healthscams.org.uk/the-truth-about-seed-oils.html

  • Hi Tibblington, thank you and I have done my online shop today an ordered President Butter (we have had it when abroad on Holidays) I like Lurpak but My Hubbie preferred this one. I have saved the link you sent me as well. Well that's me of to cook now. ttfn

  • Hi kazzy I use a nutrition box package it gives you ten smoothies a week two a day the box is filled with all the exact ingredients and sheets with all calories information and what it helps the body with.its a great way to keep healthy.

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