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Hi, I’m a newbie!

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Hello everyone, I’m sliverofsilver, a recovering anorexic. I do hope I’m welcome here with the condition I have, but if not, that’s totally okay. But if I am welcome here, I solemnly swear that I will not promote eating disorders, unhealthy eating habits or behaviour, or any of that absolutely murderous stuff we call ‘thinspo’.

Currently, it is 12:14 and I am in the middle of eating breakfast... or brunch.. I mean, you could call it lunch. Such is the screwed-up schedule of a long anorexia recovery. I am having carrot and lettuce with olive oil and salt, buttered spinach, 6 slices of banana and 2 pieces of apple. Thanks to my lovely mother, there’s also an oat and honey snack bar that’s somehow managed to sneak on. Yes, this may be what people call healthy, and I agree that it’s not unhealthy, but it’s not entirely healthy. It’s not very nutritious. It’s just fruit and vegetables. I am eating this because I’m a recovering anorexic, but others who are not like me should eat better.

I’m here because as I have deprived myself of junk food for so long (and food in general), I don’t want to start eating junk food every day, especially not in an out-of-control way, else I may develop bulimia. I’m aware that many people on here will be trying to lose weight, and so I have joined at my own risk. When I reply to those people, I will strictly only give advice that has been approved by doctors. For example, exercising with less junk food is something that I might advise.

And as a warning, I also want to say, it’s okay to count calories, but please, please do not get obsessed with them. Don’t let them invade your mind and take over your life because that, my friend, may be the beginning of an eating disorder. And be sure to let loose and make sure you’re still mentally able to eat things like crisps, pizza etc. as there is an eating disorder called ‘orthorexia’ which is where one will be truly obsessed with eating healthily (and as a result may not get enough protein, carbohydrates etc.)

I have been struggling with implementing protein into my diet. Of course, a lot of things have protein, but I’ve not had any direct sources of protein very often, like meat or fish. I cannot have nutty foods, as I am allergic, so I have been having tofu. I’ve always been an omnivore, and don’t plan on becoming anything else, but at the moment, it’s very difficult for me to eat meat or fish. Does anyone know any other protein sources?

Anyway, I do hope that I’m allowed here, but if not, please do warn me and I shall leave. If any of my content is upsetting, please do let me know.

Have a good day/night,


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Hi sliverofsilver

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum, and yes, you are welcome! I hope you'll have a look around at our various Topics and Pinned posts, and you'll meet other forum members as time goes on - a friendly and helpful community.

Regarding Protein sources, you could have a look at this article - which is by Healthline and is entitled: "Delicious High Protein Foods":


Wishing you an enjoyable weekend.

Zest :-)

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Welcome to the group! :-) Feel free to continue posting and commenting, asking questions, reading and replying to other member's postings/comments and get to meet the rest of the group. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. We all have different types of diets and that's okay. We help each other as a group/team. Very supportive! :-)

Hi Activity,

Thank you for replying and making me feel so welcome here. Good luck on your journey, whatever it may be!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to sliverofsilver

Thank you! I actually count carbs for each meal and snack since I’m a diabetic who uses insulin and eat a low carb high protein diet to control the blood sugars. I also use a Continuous Glucose Monitoring system.😀👍

Hi Sliver of silver, what a good post, anorexia is such a hard thing to overcome, it sounds like you are on a journey to better health, and have a real grip on it. I am 23 stone, and on a weight loss journey, l have had food issues too, binge eating, but have had a lot of psychological help. I have successfully lost half a stone so far, trying to eat healthily, not much red or proceased meat, no sugar, as l am pre diabetic, lots of veg, a bit of fruit, etc. The best of luck to you in your journey Maggie xx

Hi Maggie,

Well done on your success in losing some weight so far, I wish you luck for the future! Thank you, and I hope your journey may be as smooth as it can be x

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