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Newbie needing support 😳

having just being diagnosed with diverticulitis my lifestyle has to have an overhaul! I eat the wrong things and drink too much! Age 53 it's caught up. I currently weigh13 stone and am aiming for a two stone loss. I'm following a high fibre diet and hoping I can turn around what I created. Any tips and support will be much appreciated.

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Hi AllieM,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum. I hope you'll enjoy being part of this community and I know you're looking to lose some weight, so you might also like to look at the NHS weight loss community too - for further support.

Have you also looked at the IBS community, as they might be able to offer some additional support relating to your diverticulitis.

Wishing you success with your goals. I have lost weight following the NHS 12 week plan, which also advocates good amounts of fibre, and it's a great plan, so worth a look.

Lowcal :-)

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Hiya. You can do it - focus on faith in yourself and perseverence. I recommend spending 20-30 mins or so on sunday to plan your meals for the week. Use a different recipe book every week if you like cooking from recipes. Cook extra and have it for lunch next day so you dont have to think about lunch aswell.

Good luck!


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Thank you. I'm trying really hard to plan. It's hard because I am on my own a lot and hate cooking for one. I will maybe invest in a cook for one cookbook.

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first of all, good luck.

I was diagnosed with diverticulosis in June and I too need to make changes, it can be hard at first as your body gets used to the higher fibre intake but it will get easier with coming weeks.

I have found that muesli helps, full of fibre and you only need a small portion as it's filling. Other than that just add veg or fruit to any meal u can


Hi and thank you for your message. I'm finding it hard but don't want another spell in hospital so have upped my fibre and cut out all rubbish foods. I'm not a lover of veg so am trying really hard to re educate myself.

My scales are just stuck on 13 stone!!

Take care



Have you added more protein to your diet, AllieM? The more protein and less carbs can help you with weight loss issues and also control blood sugars.


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