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Healthy Eating
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Just looking for support groups to help me on this next phase in my life - I need to lose excessive weight as well make some lifestyle adjustments to get healthy again and be able to live a “normal” productive life. I want to be able to travel and see the world but in my current state (mins&body) I’m pretty much stuck in my home. Looking forward to learning about these groups and meeting new friends!

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hi mandy, theres a group on here called weight loss nhs. they have over 60.000 members on there so that might be useful to you.

i cant work out why you are are stuck in your home for.. you look great. there is a support group for anxiety and depression if you want to look in to it. but if you want to talk about something on here thats fine too😊

anyway this is my favourite group as its colourful, cheerful and excellent information on healthy eating.


Welcome Mandy,

I hope you'll enjoy the forums - and I'd like to wish you success with your goals.

Here is a link to the Healthy Eating information provided by the NHS - which this forum is connected to:


If you like regular weigh-ins (free) and group support, then the NHS weight loss forum is really good - as Hidden has mentioned - and I hope that you'll enjoy being part of all the communities you join.

Wishing you a great week.

Zest :-)


Hi MandyAJS,

Welcome to the group. Please feel free to continue posting and commenting, take the polls on the Polls section, check out the Topics section, ask questions, attend the monthly meetings for the group (we will have a meeting on December 9th) and of course, meet the other members of the group!😀 Everyone is very helpful and nice.

Do you have any allergies to certain foods?


I’m not at home so can’t access links from my laptop. You might find a few of my replies to new people from the past few days useful re clean eating 😀 basically avoiding processed foods, & adding good probiotics to your diet.

I've just watched a TED talk in which people are advised to give away all their junk food to someone they don't like. :) It's much easier to eat well if there's no junk squealing "eat me"!

I stick to eating predominantly unprosessed food at home, & being a bit more relaxed when I'm out. Think 80% good, 20% less so, though I aim for 90/10.

Eat lots of fresh fruit & vegetables, try to get more of your protein from plants such as beans & lentils, nuts & seeds, & add regular probiotics to your daily routine for good gut health. Avoid processed foods, especially bad fats like margarine & sunflower oil, & artificial sweeteners ~ the food industry lies, these things are toxic.

Think about which things you like & are good for you, & what you need to cut down on, or cut out. Spend time in the fresh section of your supermarket, & peruse the wholefood section for things that look tasty. Avoid the aisles that are filled with c**p.

Do swaps for healthy treats such as medjool dates, I prefer to toffee, & healthy >70% cocoa chocolate instead of nasty biscuits. Drink green tea with a slice of lemon instead of builders tea. Eat sourdough instead of ordinary bread, or see how you feel avoiding wheat entirely. Swap junk cereals for porridge & maple syrup. Order a random organic veg box, then have fun choosing/inventing new recipes. :)

Here's a few simple things to look at, & perhaps print & stick to your fridge:




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