Hi everyone,

I'm 64, live in Sheffield, have arthritis in major joints, and according to the doctor am 3 stone overweight!

I'd be happy to drop from 14.25 st to 12 st, but struggle with exercise.

I try to eat fairly healthily, especially as my husband is diabetic, but he always goes for the sweet stuff anyway so am fighting a losing battle there :-)

I guess I'm looking for somewhere to get healthy eating ideas, rant if I go off the rails, and get support and advise along the way!!

Like most people I know that to lose weight cals in needs to be less than cals expended but........ I love my food!!

Anyway, looking forward to chatting later, so bye for now.

The photo was taken in July at a local parkland which hosts a herd of red deer and a herd of fallow deer. "Lucy" here, who was hand raised, had just had her share of extra food from a weekly visitor.



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  • You should exercise but not to lose weight but because your body will appreciate it. The body is designed to move and our sedentary lifestyles causes problems. So exercise is primarily to keep yourself well and your heart healthy not to lose weight.

    I always think that Patrick Holford's books are worth reading. I have had earlier books from Patrick and there are some really tasty recipes Check out the reviews on Amazon. Your husband will also benefit from this type of diet.


  • Thanks Phil. I do have a low GI cookbook and a Hairy Dieters one too which I use most of the time 😀


  • Keeping between 100g and 150g of low Gi carbs per day will be good for your husband and you, especially if you minimise your fructose intake. You may need to eat a little more natural fat too.

  • Hi, I suggest cutting down all saturated fats, refined sugar and dairy products for a start.

    Good luck.

  • I agree about the refined sugar.

  • Hi Diana I'm fairly new too and in my 60's with 2 stones to lose. I use the NHS 12 week plan and count my calories. I also restrict my carb intake and have tried to reduce portion size. I was brought up not to leave food so I find it really hard to stop when full and not feel you have to finish every bit. I'm working on leaving my food when I'm full. I drink lots of water and walk using a pedometer to measure my steps. I don't know if you have a smartphone but I find the app myfitnesspal a great one for tracking calories. This forum really helps me and I do the Monday weigh in which keeps me focused. Good luck

  • Hi Florence

    I have used MFP, need to be more diligent!

    Hopefully we'll both benefit from this group's help


  • Thanks everyone. I need to work at what I eat and portion sizes, so later am planning next week's meals with fewer carbs and low fat. Good to be on here!


  • I know we all like our food, my weakness is crisps and biscuits. But I have succeeded in losing 1st 3lb in 15 weeks and I am 64 and a vegetarian too. I have been counting the calories, it does mean weighting everything but you then get to know what is high in calories and what is good for you. It really is true that you only get out what you put in !! So what you eat is very important as it is the fuel for your body. I also suffer from arthritis in my hips, exercise does really help as it keeps you moving. Always do an exercise that you enjoy, and remember not to overdo it. If you like walking do 15-20 mins to start and build up to 30 a day. Good luck.

  • Thank you. I don't have any specific weakness, sometimes it's savoury but sometimes sweet. If it's not in the house I'm fine but my other half (who is diabetic & shouldn't) insists on having snacks available.....

    I've just got hold of a GL book, so will be deciding on next week's meals later

  • Were on the same page Mrs. Diana35bha, I also love my favorite foods, as long as I am comfortable eating them with moderation I guess I could keep my body on shape.

    But I guess our body is perfect just the way they are, no need to change anything as long as were living healthy.

  • I foud when i lost some weight (still going) pain in knees almost vanished (it was ligament related, nnot arthritis, but I thnk same principle applies) I've done it through going to WW, as having to account for my weight o someone else works for me, and there is group spport, but in terms of waht I have actually changed, more fruit and veg, smaller portions of meat, almost no cheese which is only real sacrifice

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