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I hate the middle age spread that I now have

I hate the middle age spread that I now have

Hi, I am new here. I am 46 and have probably gained a stone onto my tummy in the last year. I hate middle age. Feeling lethargic and bloated. This week I have started to walk more and quickened the pace. Also I am making healthier choices of dinners so I hope slowly I can get back down at least a stone in the next two months. I can't do the couch to 5K because my tummy is so big and bounces. So guess I shall stick to fast walks.

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Of course you can do Couch to 5K - there are plenty of people with (I am certain) much bigger bellies than you who have completed it and gone on to do much more. Marathons even!!! I started running at age 67 - now 70, just finished a half marathon.

"the miracle is not that I finished - the miracle is that I started!"


Hi Bazza, thank you for your encouragement. Well done for getting yourself fitter. Might I explain that when i jog I experience pain. I think it comes from having a split tummy muscle when I was pregnant. Maybe I could source a pregnancy support waistband when I have lost some of the weight and then try to jog again


That sounds like a plan. The British NHS Couch to 5K forum is a very active forum of beginner runners ( many are middle aged (and older) women) who I am sure will offer advice to you. This forum is one of the most active and supportive running forums .

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Great, thank you.


Good morning Hidden

No reason why you can't lose weight and improve your fitness by walking rather than running 😊 Losing weight is far more about what you eat than exercise 😊 Have a look at the weight loss forum, there is a lot of info about healthy eating there as well as friendly support 😊

I would also add that as I've got older and had hormonal changes I have to closely watch my carbohydrate portions, eat bread earlier in the day and have a lighter evening meal. Sugar in particular sets me off with mega hot flushes!! 😜

Good luck 😊


Quick walking can be better for you than running especially on your joints. I am the same hopefully we can support each other


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