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Help with large tummy

Hi,all,This is my first time posting on here so please be patient with me. Right I suffer with chronic IBS,I know that's not relevant to this site but it is for my question. I've tried all types of diets to reduce the pain but I've found none that work. Anyway since having IBS my Tummy has really become quite large in respect of I look 6mths pregnant. I'm only 5ft2ins and 9st in weight . I would just like to ask if anyone has got any suggestions on how I could get my tummy flatter. Any help would be appreciated .

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I have in the past had just the same! It's not nice I have lost count of the time I have been asked when I am due it was so upsetting. I have found the answer for me. I do juicing

Jason vale 5lb in 5 days take a look at his DVD you can currently watch it for free xx


When I had IBS, some 40 years ago, I had very similar symptoms so I can sympathize. Wheat certainly can be a big problem, along with sugar. I elimated them from my diet and although it helped it didn't eliminate the IBS.

What did was

1. I developed fibroids and had an inverted uterus after several pregnancies so I had a hysterectomy at 36, a radical move obviously, but I awoke from the GA feeling immediately better. The improvement was tremendous and immediate.

2. I learned that the my emotional state very much was in sync with the cycles of diarrhea and constipation. When I was 'holding' stuff - I was in the constipation phase and when in diarrhea I was uncontainable. I did therapy and got to understand myself much more but what really eliminated it was a visit to a homeopath who prescribed a pill after a 2 hour consultation, IBS gone!

And never to return. I say this because not everything is about diet, although a lot is. Have you been checked out by your GP for physical things which could be exacerbating the condition? Have you noticed any patterns with your general well being and your IBS? Have you consulted a dietician? Have you kept a food diary to see if there is any pattern after eating a certain food? Stress can affect the digestive system especially so getting exercise and relaxation is also important.

One thing I found very helpful when bloated was sipping hot water every 30 mins, it can make you feel a bit nauseous, but if you can continue it relieves the pain and discomfort. If there is a lot of wind, put 2-3 drops of Peppermint Oil (ensure it is for consumption as some of them are not).

Really feel for you, it took me a very long time to eliminate IBS from my life, only to be replaced by other stuff a whole lot more complicated but it has all been a journey which has been full of learning and strange though it may seem, one I feel has enriched me.

Very best wishes CD

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PS - I am a Gemini


Me too.


Hi C dreamer, Wow you've certainly been through the mill. I have quite a few health issues including some life threatening issues,but a simple( and I don't say that lightly ) thing like IBS,totally takes my life over. I suffer with it all day every day so it's difficult to find my triggers. I've done the Fodmap diet for 8wks it made no difference and made me ill,because I think it's so restricted,I've also had every test available to prove its IBS,I've had about 5Gastrologists, and I'm now under what I discibe as the best in the country. Later this month Im due to try Hypnotherepy. But as for a distended Tum I just don't know what to do. I have mentioned it to the medical fraternity but they just ignore me as though it's vanity. Still thank you for taking the time for your reply. Take care


At the end of the FODMAP book's main chapter on its approach it recommends the alternative technique which is a full-on elimination process. Although I don't have IBS I can certainly recommend that approach which I used for my arthritic conditions. It is not easy but you will get definitive answers.


I agree with CDreamer and BigLeg- wheat could be a problem for you. Gluten intolerance is a very real possibility that may at least be making things worse. We live in a society that has way too many carbs from wheat- cereal, bread, pasta, snack bars, etc, etc. Been reading Grain Brain and I am completely amazed at how gluten affects your body whether you realize it or not. Apparently many IBS sufferers have headaches, and they are thinking that a generalized inflammatory response to gluten may be the cause of both. Still reading, but IBS could be improved by trying a gluten free diet. At the very least, check out dietdoctor.com like BigLeg suggested. You might also consider taking probiotics to get your gut back into balance.


No can't be I go 3 times a day. I really can't think of anything it can be apart from something to do with IBS.



I had a huge tummy and was dianosed with IBS. Years later I found the underlying cause to be low stomach acid due to an undiagnosed under-active thyroid. I am not suggesting you have this but that there could be some other cause.

Have you been tested for candida or pathogens. (Simple stool test).

I would definitely recommend that you look into this as you shouldn't have to live like this. For me it was uncomfortable, sometimes painful, noisy, embarrassing, etc. Now I follow a gluten free diet and my tummy is slim & flat. good luck.


Hi, I do have an Underactive Thyroid,but also about 5yrs back I had an heart attack and was put on Asprin and Lanzoprazole for Stomack acid,I have also had my Gall bladder taken away. Now then I was worried about Stomack acid as I've been led to Beleive you do have to have some, and I've been told Lanzoprazole takes it all away. But when I asked my GP about comeing off it he said I have to stay on it because of the Asprin. So I'm in quite a delema. But thank you for your reply.


I don't have any knowledge of your medicines but have found apple cider vinegar helped my previous lack of stomach acid enormously.

My first step was to irradiate candida, then encorage healthy gut flora with probiotics which I continue to take, and now have a teaspoon of ACV every morning mixed with blackstrap molasses & warm water.

You would need to check this wasn't contra indicative with your tummy meds.

If you wanted to try it be certain to use organic unpasteurised ACV with the mother (I use "Biona") and organic unsulphured molasses (I use Meridian").

Remember good stomach acid is imperative for thyroid hormones to be absorbed and convert.


Hi I bought some cider vinegar as I read somewhere it was good for IBS,then got worried about trying it. But I will check that with my GP. Thank you that's helpful.


Hi Gill the ACV I have is Rayner's Classic, I bought it from Holland and Barrett . Also what Probiotic do you use I've tried Symprove also Probio 7 both made me unwell.


BioAcidophilus by Biocare. Available from the Nutricenter.


Thank You.


I don't think Rayners ACV contains "the mother" or is organic and unpasteurised but you need to check label to be sure. This is important as the "mother" contains the enzymes that make it work its magic.


I would recommend a FODMAP diet. This has worked very well for my daughter who had the same sort of problems and is now recognised as providing relief for 75% of sufferers.


Done it for 2mths,I must be 1 of the 25% it don't work for. Actually it made me quite ill because it's so restricting.


Have you tried sticking to a clean food diet, ie, no processed foods whatsoever?

I eat kefir every day, which has improved my digestion: chriskresser.com/kefir-the-...

I've also met people who have a FODMAP diet, & say this works.


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