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I HATE Fish!

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I have a heart problem and although I am a healthy weight and eat a fairly good diet, I HATE fish, even the smell of it makes me feel sick! I know this sounds silly, but I would love to be able to eat and enjoy fish, both for my health and for social reasons. I remember my late Sister in Law producing a beautifully cooked salmon and my husband told her I don't eat fish! Is it possible to overcome this? I'd love to for the sake of my health now.

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I read that eating a little of something we don't like regularly, can get us used to the taste & change our preference. I did this with grapefruit, which was the only fruit I know I hated. I forced down a 1/4 including the pith, initially in a smoothie. I then became brave & started to eat some including the pith. After a few months, I ate a whole one quite happily, & now often crave them. I have to say I eat the red or pink ones, as I've not been brave enough to test this with an ordinary grapefruit. I think the trick is to really want to eat something. Nothing would make me eat meat as I always found it disgusting, so I'd be in trouble if I was told to do so for medical reasons! The issue with fish which I once liked, is that it's fishy. I've walked in & straight out of restaurants due to the bad smell.

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Your not alone, I am exactly the same, which isn't a problem for me because I am vegan.

Not sure if you could overcome the problem but Lamberts do a high quality Fish oil supplement ( I have not used it, its what my nutritionalist recommended, I use Flaxseed oil and that seems really good.

Best wishes

Unless you're ultra sensetive I would try masking the smell by using herbs / spices etc' maybe wrap in tinfoil and oven it, fish as we all know can have stronger smelling species than others, try a weaker one first, difficult subject really and it depends on your resolve, fish capules if not ! , good luck and hope you overcome the problem....

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Tomato sauce may work for me, I'll have to give it a try.

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try to buy freshly caught fish as this only has the smell of the sea. or even take up sea fishing.

i only eat what i fished for and sometimes buy from fishermen if not caught enough.

but i have to say if i dont like something, specially if it smells then its i dont even want to try.

I do take a fish oil suppliment but I'd rather have the right food as I am not sure suppliments are as good. I have a recently diagnosed heart condition and although meds have improved my heart function, fish twice a week is recommended. I might try making fishcakes and grilling them.

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