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What normally triggers the start of first treatment

Hello everyone, I just joined. I live in England. I was diagnosed a year ago and put on watch and wait. Two scans and 4 blood tests later, my oncologist says I now qualify for treatment, and would I like to join a clinical trial (FCR v. Ibrutinib + rituximab). He quotes ( I think) white blood cell count, which went up from 9 to 66 in that year.

The thing is, i don't feel unwell at all. I have some lumps on my neck and groin, but no weight loss, no night sweats, no fatigue, no fevers, no swollen spleen. Am I too early to start treatment? What are the indicators in the blood tests that serve as guidelines for oncologists to recommend start of treatment?

Any help greatly appreciated. My oncologist hasn't shown me blood tests or scans, so i have formally requested all my records so that I can start to understand things, and maybe seek second opinion.

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Hi Graham,

You've posted in the Healthy Eating Community, and I wondered if you might find more relevant information in another community on Healthunlocked, so I'd like to give you a link so you can browse communities, to see if one seems pertinent to your question:

I wasn't sure which community to suggest to you.

I hope the link is helpful so you can find a community who can answer your query.

Lowcal :-)


Many thanks for your help. I have reposted it. Kind regards. Graham